Shower Pill Giveaway & Discount Code

We are at that time of year where everyone is looking gifts.  Do you need a gift for a special runner friend? Being Santa is fun but only when you get to give something that someone actually wants without spending a fortune.  Enter one of my favorite items for running, triathlon and being active.  ShowerPill.


ShowerPill has fast become the number one body wipe on the market for active people.  Toss out the baby wipes unless you have a baby to clean up and grab a Shower Pill! 


Seriously, I don’t leave home with out my ShowerPill wipes.  I have some in my purse.  I have some in my car.  I have some in my gym bag.  If you travel with me to events, you know that we run and then immediately go home to the family.  More often than not, that means no shower.  After 2-8 hours of fun, strenuous running or TRIing, nobody wants to get in the car without a shower.  I’ve used ShowerPill wipes on so many occasions but here are a few standard uses:

  • In my car after a TRI while changing;
  • In a parking garage, standing behind my car, while changing;
  • In a port-o-potty while changing after a hard race;
  • In the bathroom at my office after a lunch run;
  • In the gym cuz I didn’t have time to shower before running off to an appointment;
  • After workouts before getting in my car to drive the short distance home because I couldn’t stand the smell of myself;
  • In an airport after long hours of air travel and airport time.

ShowerPill wipes are not only for freshening up but also a way to kill bacteria on your body.  You will be clean.  Smell good.  And kill germs.

ShowerPill is an antibacterial wipe for your body.  It is like wiping down with soap and water which leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and moisturized.
One ShowerPill sport wipe cleans your entire body.  It will save you time, decrease the chance of skin infections and keep you fresh & clean when a “traditional shower” is not possible.
-Extra thick like a washcloth
-Kills 99.99% of germs including Staph
-Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
-Quick dry solution, no sticky residue
-Light fresh scent
-Hypoallergenic & Gentle on Sensitive Skin
-Paraben & Alcohol FREE


ShowerPill has generously agreed to give a box of ShowerPill wipes ($9.99 value) to TWO winners!  If you would like to win a box of ShowerPill wipes, please make a comment below and tell us what you do now to freshen up when a shower isn’t an option?   Giveaway starts now and goes until Tuesday, December 16, 2014, 11am at which time two winners will be selected via a random number generator.

If you want ShowerPill wipes NOW for one of your favorite runners, please order HERE, use the 10% off Discount Code:  runner10.

Previous Review of ShowerPill wipes HERE

Amanda – TooTallFritz

21 thoughts on “Shower Pill Giveaway & Discount Code

  1. I have used babywipes after a race, brushed my hair, spritzed on cologne and then promptly zipped off to go meet Nathan Fillion (of Castle and other fab shows fame). haha. Seriously i have used ShowerPill too and they ROCK! sometimes a shower is not handy and you need a wipedown.

  2. This sounds so useful!! Right now I rely heavily on the power of a change of clothes and dry shampoo… But honestly I have to be really strategic with my workout if I won’t have time to take a shower, because I sweat a lot :(especially with the Texas heat and humidity). If these work like you say they do, sounds like a solution!

  3. I would love to try these. I have baby wipes in my gym bag now…and they work ok. But, I’m a bit of a sweater so maybe these would be a bit more effective for me 🙂

  4. Baby wipes… what I have used, not the best way. I am running Florida Ragnar in February and as you know it is hot, humid and stinky!!! Especially living in the van for at least 36 hours. I will need to get some of these before we leave!!

  5. Haven’t used shower pill, but baby or hand wipes have had in the gear bag and truck at times. The last year I have simply been using those mini bottles of hand sanitizer that they give away at races and/or a larger pump bottle which goes in gear bag or in glove compartment in truck. Carry a small towel and armed with small BOD spray and change of clothes…can get pretty cleaned up. If I win…can test me out and maybe become a convert!

  6. I’ve always just used wet wipes, but I feel like they leave a weird film on your body, especially my sensitive face, and I don’t like that feeling. But I agree with the people above…extra deodorant! I keep small ones in my car and gym bags!

  7. BEST.THING.EVER since sliced bread for RAGNARING!!! (Do Northerners say “best thing since sliced bread” too or is that just a southern thing? haha LOVE shower pills!

  8. Showerpill is awesome! I got one in my BikeLoot box last year and used it after a triathlon. . . Thanks for the discount code, I cannot find them around here.

  9. I use baby wipes. I commute to work on my bike so i keep them at work. Have wondered about what the best shower towel wouldbe

  10. Baby powder is a lifesaver! Good for under the arms, in the hair to soak up sweat/make it smell nice, and a bit in the shoes too!!

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