A Personal Investment ….

Bet on yourself.  For life.  And don’t be afraid to throw down a little cash to protect that investment.  Buy new running tights.  Keep your run shoes fresh.  Pay for a gym membership.  Register for a race.  Get a nice juicer.  Buy organic and locally grown produce.  Spending money on your health, wellness, and making goals is not throwing away money, it’s investing in your personal wellbeing. 

Invest in Your Health

If you think you can’t afford to workout, run, or race, then think again.  Can you afford Starbuck$?  Can you afford to order out?  Can you afford that fancy handbag that you’ve been eyeing?  How about designer pumps, that you can’t even wear to the office because they hurt your feet so badly? 

Body vs Fancy Handbag

The excuses are endless.  Stop.  If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will either.  Taking care of yourself is a sign of respect.  A sign of intelligence.  A sign that there is more to life than all the material things that so many focus upon. At the end, nobody is really going to care what kind of car you drove, whether you had an amazing designer wardrobe, or how much money you had in the bank.  It’s time to really be honest with yourself and figure out what is important.

Too harsh?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  So many people are struggling each and every day and just can’t commit to investing in the single most important thing, themselves.  It’s time to educate ourselves.  Exercise.  Health.  Nutrition.  What different fruits & veggies can do for the body.  How exercise effects not only your body but your life, and those around you. How can we feel good, each and every day?  Everyone wants to feel good, right?  Why don’t you feel good?  Too much bad food making your feel bloated & sick?  Too much stress leaving you an emotional mess?  Too much alcohol to combat the stress?  Too much sugar making you tired?  How do you feel?  I mean, how do you REALLY feel? 

Now go grab a glass of water and figure out a plan.  I want you to feel good, tomorrow.  I want you to feel GREAT, next week.  If you don’t feel great, and I mean REALLY great, then figure out why.  Invest in yourself before its too late.  Exercise and get the blood flowing.  Eat foods that nourish the body and fight sickness and disease.  You get to choose where to spend your money.  Bet on YOU.

Everytime You Eat Or Drink

** I’m Betting & Investing on ME ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

4 thoughts on “A Personal Investment ….

  1. Awesome post Amanda! Every.single.word. I wish more people would take that advice and apply it, what a better world we would have.

  2. Another post of “wisdom” and from a perspective only TTF can do! And if it looks like polished wisdom and experience speaking hear….you bet it is…Amanda has been through the “grinder” of challenges life can toss your way…and she always works out of it…far better in both health and wisdom.

    I can’t argue…if you going to spend money…than make it an investment in yourself (family too) and spend the money not just on making ends meet….but include that which helps you be the best person you can be.

    And not going to quibble that buying new “pumps” or a “handbag” might not help you feel good…the money expended on new run shoes, or other gear, or for training programs….is what TTF says….a true investment in your health and well-being.

    It’s all about choices…so choose wisely…that which yields positive, and long-term benefits to both your psyche and physical health.

    Great post…great subject TTF!

    • Yikes…I only seeing 2 total replies to this post? What times are these…when good subjects and posts are made…yet few take the time to respond? A mystery to me…this Social Media and Blog way of life!

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