Step Outside the Box

As the sun sank from the sky last night, I was just arriving at the Grainery in Frankfort to meet up with friends for a run.  Fortunately, I was a few minutes early so was able to run around like an idiot and grab a few photos.  The first was looking west on Old Plank toward the Grainery  thru the power lines.

Then I ran east on the trail to grab a few photos within a short distance of the parking lot as the sunlight was fading. 

The life around the pond seems to be dying with the autumn.  I think winter is heading our way, like it or not.

I was really amazed at how differently everything looked in low light.  I normally run in the dark or as the sun is coming up and this was a nice change.  I look forward to comparing similar photos in the winter, spring and summer.   I must say one of my favorite things so far about blogging is that I am now making a better effort to document my surroundings by photographing some of the beautiful sites that I take for granted on a daily basis.  God is good.

At this point, the light was fading fast and I jogged back to await the arrival of a few Frankfort Running Club ladies.  Note to the earring wearing crowd, don’t wear french wires while running in low 30 degree temps……ears get cold from the inside out. 

Susan D. and Maggie W. soon arrived and I quickly ushered them into the bathroom light for a quick photo.

After the ladies so kindly obliged my abnoxious photo request, we ran off into the dark.  I just recovered from the stomach flu so the plan was to be short and slow.  I must say this was a perfect run.  I really enjoyed the added dynamic which Maggie brought and I hope that she comes back!  Work & life are crazy, the holidays are coming, then the flu and not that you care but it’s total pandemonium which is on Aby’s spelling list this week  at home with a male, second born, toddler/child in the house.  Chaos reigns.  This run was a great stress reliever that was much-needed and I was thankful to have been along for the “ride”.  In all aspects it was easy, fun, brought about a new friendship and was filled with conversation about living life, making goals, accountability, future endeavors and stepping outside the box of your personal comfort zone.  

I challenge you to try something new……join a running group, train for a triathlon, hike the Grand Canyon, learn to snow ski, register for a road race, just pick something different and MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Muster the confidence to attempt something that a younger, more immature you would have never had the guts courage to try.  Time is of the essence.  Where do you plan to go next?  

Nike+ GPS Stats – 3.96 miles – 36:46 (9:18 pace)                                                                 Garmin GPS Stats – 4.00 miles – 36:46 (9:09 pace) 

“Run”way Fashion – I got a super “one day deal” from SkirtSports on this Happy Hour V-Neck long sleeve.  LOVE.  Can I wear this every day?  Go to the SkirtSports page to sign up for their email deals or check them out on Facebook!

Step outside of “your” box……soon,                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                       

3 thoughts on “Step Outside the Box

  1. Thanks for the great run! I hope to meet up with you gals again. My goal as of late has been to meet new running friends (in person, not just online). Running is much more fun (and goes quicker) when you share it with others!

  2. There you go trying to talk more people into hiking the Grand Canyon! Ha! I bet we could totally go down and up all in the same day this time. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am in better shape than I was in HS! Hey…maybe we could run it this time…NOT! You know, I probably should not have gone there cause that will keep you awake tonight thinking about trying it! You are CRAZY!

  3. TTF…nicely done. Totally agree that to run at the cusp of waning sun in the eve, or as it rises in the morn, can be two of the most beautiful moments a runner can experience and photographers like the subtle effects of diffuse light and shadow (at least me). Glad to hear you have made it through that flu-athon at your homestead. And ya, you can wear that top all the time – pink with that nice design along lower side, oh-so beautiful, as well as the person in it. You runner ladies are oh-so lucky you got so many choices for neat stuff to wear on the run. Men stuff….boring. Sucks. When will the industry learn there are men runners that want some color and pizaz in their apparel. I should have been born a woman – LOL! Keep it up Too-Tall-Fritz – your posts always bring a smile to my face.

    peace all,

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