Chicago’s Perfect 10 (2011) – GUEST Race Review

There’s a new race in town and since I don’t have a money tree in my back yard time to run them all, I was thankful that I had an “eye” at the race in a runner named Diane F. (& Company) from the Frankfort Running Club.   This was an inaugural race so there wasn’t much press on it, in fact, I haven’t even heard much about it in the days post-race.  The Perfect 10 did start and finish at one of Chicago’s most family friendly attractions, Navy Pier, so I’m very interested to see how it went just in case I can suck my family into attending one race next year.  Thanks to Diane F. for taking the time to compile this report and send some photos cuz the visual is almost more important than the words.

Race Review by Diane F. – Frankfort Running Club

The Good:      

  • Weather was AWESOME!
  • Start was fast!  I couldn’t even tell you where the start was as we had JUST enough time to get to Navy Pier, potty, and get to the start line (and take a pre-race photo).
  • Ran along Navy Pier (gorgeous) and lakefront (past Grant Park, behind Shedd Aquarium, past Soldier Field and down to about 31st St.)
  • Miles were CLEARLY marked and each mile marker ALSO had a clock!
  • LOTS of water stations (I think there were 4)
  • Music at, I think, 2 water stations
  • Packet pick up was easy
  •  Shirts are cool
  • Medals are AWESOME!
  • Results were posted to the website quickly.
     The Bad: 
  • Not enough post race food!  (only water and banana)
  • Not enough camera people!  (only 2 and they were about 10 ft from each other)
  • 10K and 10 milers started at the same time (though they were supposed to start 10K after 10M, but I think because of the time change they had to do all together) So it made for a kinda cramped area along the path (though it was short-lived) 

 It was a PERFECT day and race.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would definitely do it again and recommend it to anyone else. 


Awesome job, Diane F.!  Thanks for taking the time to articulate your thoughts on the very first Chicago Perfect 10!  If I may be presumptuous read between the lines, it sounds like you had a great race, had fun with your friends, Perfect 10 had a good start and did lots of things right but possibly has a small post-race food budget few kinks to work out for next year. I advise ALL race directors to bring on the food or go to Indiana to see how races feed people post-race.  Runners like to eat, in fact you can ask my hubby most run to eat.

Anyone else run the Perfect 10 this weekend?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments section! 

Happy Running & EATING!                                                                                                      Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                       

6 thoughts on “Chicago’s Perfect 10 (2011) – GUEST Race Review

  1. The shirts and medals look nice! Did they do anything to accommodate parking for the race? I know Navy Pier for most things can be a mob scene…

  2. If you wanted to pay the “discounted” rate of $18, you could have parked at Navy Pier. Our group parks at AON. It’s $6.00, a bit of a walk, but easy in/out and heated garage. I was happy they had packet pickup day of race. I’m getting tired of these races in the city where you pay a considerable registration fee (along with “convenience” fee) then have to find someone to drive with a day or two before the race to “drop and drive” to pick up packets because there is no street parking. As much as I enjoyed the Perfect 10, we run that path quite a bit for marathon training and it gets kind of old after a while 😦

  3. Sounds like a great race and great time. Great pics, but words always better – I’m a writer – LOL! I wouldn’t fret too much about the few bad experiences like palsy post-race food. Inaugural races always have some oversight, somewhere. They get better each year as they gain experience, and yes, maybe get an increased registration and corresponding increase in budget. But, bananas and water not all that bad – in fact, I as a run-Coach highly recommend the banana as the best and most healthiest choice to make post finish. I know what you mean – more choices would have been nice! Don’t see many 10-mile races, so kudos to whomever!

  4. Diane, thanks for sharing your info about this race with us, and well done on your PR and awesome running accomplishments recently !!! Keep up the good, hard work! This run sounds interesting, perhaps something that I will try next year.

  5. No comment on the race above, but this is a good time to plug the Midwinter Cruise in mid-January 2012 that is located in Park Forest and is sponsored by the Park Forest Running and Pancake Club ( The club is not sponsored by the City of Park Forest, just carrys the name due to its origin. The Midwinter Cruise 5K is INEXPENSIVE, has a warm gym to camp out at prior to the race, and a warm cafeteria serving PANCAKES that are FREE to all participants. Bagels, bananas and oranges are the norm, but since the club enjoys eating, I would not be surprised if there are extra goodies. Check out the website soon (! Healthy running to all!

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