10 Degrees….

Ten degrees……the coldest it’s been so far in Illinois for the start of winter 2011-2012.  Wow, it was hard to get my ass out of bed  “up and out” this morn.  The thing that propelled me forward was actually the fact that I had the time, the kids and hubby were out of the house, and I really WANTED to go for a run…… regardless of the temps.  I would have gone had it been below zero.  Yes, I am  a freak weirdo like that.  It was also an added bonus to have a little accountability.  Although my running partners were quickly dropping like flies with the falling temps, there was still several who made an appearance.  Me, Suzanne, Kate, & Maggie – Run For Pi(e)

Today we were joining up with the Yankee Runners as they came south, out of  the Palos Hills, to run Old Plank for a change.  When I hit my usual parking area, which is quite desolate at this time of year, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was filled people…..not just people but RUNNERS!  I bet there were 25+ people out there for a run today!  AWESOME.  But I still was slightly tentative about leaving the warmth of my car.Wow, 10 degrees.  I can do it.  I have this new face mask….it will keep me warm!

There wasn’t any a lot of chatter or introductions, basically we just jumped out of our cars and took off running before we got frost-bitten.  However, I did see Judy F., Frogger, Mark C., Scott B., Cindy T. and a few other people I recognized from Running For Kicks functions or the Park Forest Running & Pancake Club.  Once we were moving, the photos blurred as the lens on my camera phone fogged.  But I still tried!

It was really beautiful out.  We had a dusting of snow, the sun was just coming up and did I mention it was 10 degrees?  The wind was low, we had a headwind going out but coming back in a full sweat I realized I was overdressed like always but it was just a beautiful day.  And as always, I was super glad I went out and got in a few miles with my friends.  On a random side note, I want to thank all of you who continue to come out and meet me to run.  It is sooooo much more fun trying to hang on to Suzanne & Kate’s coat-tails running in a group verses going solo.  Thank YOU!

“Run”way Fashion:  Reebok Compression base layer, long bra top, Athleta long sleeve lined with fleecy flannel which has thumb holes and fold overs for hands (they don’t make it anymore!), then I had a light running jacket on which is a generic off brand I’ve had for years.  On the bottom I had CW-X compression tights plus Athleta Run About Pants in TALL.  I was very bundled without too much bulk, everything fit close so that air didn’t get in to allow the sweat to freeze.  I also wore an ear band, hat, gloves and the new Seirus Innovation face mask (picked it up at Dick’s Sporting Goods last night but couldn’t seem to find it online to link it up here).  So I was really quite toasty after we got running!  You CAN run outside in the winter if you want dress appropriately.

10.03 miles – 1:34, a few stops for photos, a stop for fluids at the 4 mile mark, and a few road crossings but mostly kept it moving.  On days when its this cold, please keep moving so your sweat doesn’t freeze.  That would be bad for your skin.

Happy WINTER Running!                                                                                           Amanda – TooTallFritz

10 thoughts on “10 Degrees….

  1. Great run this morning! I’m so glad I got out!! I love that FB keeps us accountable. Also I need to get one of those face masks. My headband was awkward as a face mask.

  2. Wowza! Congrats on a coooold run! The temps really dropped this week – I’m having a hard time just shopping in this weather! And you’re right… run friends are dropping as fast as the temp! 🙂

  3. Ya…10F at the start….It got up to a balmy 14F by the time me and Mark finished 16 miles. I am not a very big fan of running in that sub-arctic cold…mainly cause the shoes get cold and hard, the pavement frozen hard…and it seems to add more impact to the equation….not to mention the wind-chill effect on leg muscles…muscles that need to be warm to work efficiently.

    Yes…if ya dress properly running in cold not as bad as it might seem. Although I had the toast-toes in the shoes and hand warmers in the gloves…,I made the mistake of not bringing the mittens, so for the first hour, suffering from very cold fingers. Also, only brought the ear warmers…but running early into that head-breeze (albeit light) balaclava or face mask would have been better option. Everything else was fine and after ca 30-min running…the core nice and toasty…albeit the legs a bit chilled at the surface despite the compression tights.

    After 16-miles in that not-so conducive temperature for running…the L-heel and the tendons-n-fascia in hamstring L-leg pretty tight and achy. Stretching & therapy & maybe hot-water soak should go a long way to recover from the trauma. Even though a high of 40 maybe later this afternoon, won’t run outside and if I run recovery run at all…2-3 miles real slow on treadmill.

    Really wanted to try to hang with that “Yankee Runner pack” that took off so promptly at 7am, but me and Scott hung back so the late-arriving Mark Campbell didn’t have to run alone. And…there was this TTF in some bright light green jacket running up ahead and like a Mother Hen…gathering up the last of her two chicks that we’re out alone ahead and not aware the others had turned it back.

    I was glad to get that LR done and am blessed with cut-back next Saturday. And although me, Scott and Mark gained some ground on the Yankee pack…they run LR far too fast a pace for us to catch them in that kind of cold….But, when we were closing in on 6-mile turnaround…the Yankee Pack passed us by and experienced a multitude of Happy B-Day shouts…..which really helped warm me up.
    peace 2 all,

  4. Can’t say my group of ladies was flying anywhere but we were out here. WI was a balmy 9 degrees at 6am, and only 10 when I left home at 8:15 for a basketball tourney. Our running gear was a hodge podge of the “good stuff” and the last minute throw it on cuz it is freaking cold out there! I had on UnderArmour cold gear top and tights, my layers on top – Cabela’s polertec waffle fleece and a $3 Walmart windbreaker, the bottom layer over tights -20year old Walmart lined windbreaker sweats. A headband, neck gator and one size fits all shrinky gloves all from yep you guessed it Walmart. It was dark, no one saw me, I was warm from start to finish and I had great companions, similarly dressed :o) I also had frost on my eyebrows, eyelashes and a complete coating on my gloves, and neck gator. Sometimes I am not a fan of the WI winter

  5. We need to start a challenge this winter to see how many runs we can do above the temp., so far we have done one 10.25 miles at 10 degrees…

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