Perfect Running Weather….

This week has been good weather for running with temps in the low 50s.  Last night I had to get started a little early so that I could knock out the Jelly Bean Virtual Race Half Marathon for Run with Jess, which I am considering a “challenge” since I wanted to do all 4 events but am a “little” short on time this week.  When I hit the trail a little before 4pm, it was cool and there was a slight wind.  I had to seriously convince myself that it was “ok” to leave the jacket in the car!  I knew I would be warm within a mile or so and didn’t want to have to deal with something to carry or tie around my waist once I warmed up.

It was a beautiful afternoon and Old Plank Trail has really come alive over the last couple of weeks with budding trees/flowers everywhere.  I love you, Spring!

I even saw a new runner on the trail.  I wasn’t really sure how to treat him as I couldn’t identify a consistent pace……should I pass him, or will he pass me, or is he going to attack me?  I was cautious, to say the least, with my new “friend”.

Soon after I left Mr. P in the dust, I caught up with Susan D. who unknowingly was signing on for a rather quick 10 mile run with Ms. TooTall.  Thanks Susan for helping me complete the Jelly Bean Half!

We caught up on life and crushed some miles before picking up the rest of the Wednesday Night F’N Runners.  I asked them to stare into the sun stand by the lilacs for the photo since I’m in love with Spring.  🙂  From left:  Cathie, April, Nicole, Susan, Kathy & Me.  Wayne is “manning” the camera, apparently he was the only guy who wasn’t afraid of the peacock felt confident enough to run with us F’N chicks.

It was just one of those perfect runs.  Everything was right:  the weather, the company, my legs were fresh since Aby had track meets all week and it was a great run.  We took a few small water breaks but basically just kept pumping out the miles.  The goal was to go sub 9 for every mile and other than the peacock photos 2nd mile and one 9:03, all the splits were well below 9 minutes miles.  We finished the 13.1 in 1:54:35 and for a Wednesday night, running a Jelly Bean-Old Plank Half, that’s pretty darn good.  Thanks Susan for helping me slug out those miles!

Have you done any random, non-supported half marathons that were not part of a training plan?  How did it go?  Was it hard to push without the adrenaline of race day?  We certainly didn’t run all out but this was faster than a normal Wednesday night jaunt on Old Plank.

If there is anyone left who has not already registered, or won a free entry, to the 13.1  Chicago on June 9th, they are offering the TTF readers a $5 off discount on registration through April 22nd.  Use the code:  131BLG5

Last point of business, the PunkeeLove Headband Giveaway goes til Monday morning.

Happy Running,                                                                                                             Amanda – TooTallFritz

3 thoughts on “Perfect Running Weather….

  1. I am running my half for Jelly Bean on Sat! It’s technically an officially organized race, but only with about 100 runners (between a 5K and half marathon races) Thanks for your race report, I wish I could see fun things like peacocks on my runs. The closest I have come is when I was charged by a flock of perterbed guinea hens! (Yes, I will admit, I retreated instead of challenging them!)

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