Good Friday Waterfall Glen Run {2012}

What a beautiful day to hit the trail and meet some new people.  In fact, we had so many newbies show, I can’t even remember everyone’s name!  That is a huge success in my book.  Thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to come run with us this morning!  It is much appreciated and I hope to see all of you again!  The morning crew, courtesy of Maggie – MagMileRunner, from back left:  Kathy, Wayne, Joe, Christy, Fredric, Mark, Eric, Jim, Brian, Lonna, Cathie & Amanda W.  Front left:  Maggie, Me, Kim, Susan, Keith, Missing a few names:  girl in blue, girl in black, girl in pink, Angela.

I apologize on the missing names, if anyone can fill in the blanks, I will make the edit.  Sorry!!!

In addition to the sunshine, we also had temps in the 40s, and the woods were alive with springtime noises, scents and active critters although I didn’t actually see anything of significance.  Here are a “few” photos of the day.

I think we all had a great run.  Our paces were far and wide but we all made it back in with a smile on our faces.  I really love this trail.  It’s not too technical but is a nice jaunt thru the woods.  There are a few hills but nothing too taxing and the scenery is totally worth the short drive.

Thanks again to everyone who made the trip. Next “official” Waterfall Glen trip will be on Black Friday.  Plenty of time to plan for that one, right?

Enjoy your race season, folks.  I’ll see you on the trail or on the road.  Get after it this year, who knows what next year will bring!

Happy Running,                                                                                                              Amanda – TooTallFritz

2 thoughts on “Good Friday Waterfall Glen Run {2012}

  1. Wow…great place to run and those pics I recognize even though I only ran there one time back on November 11th when the Run To Eat club did a special 11-11-11 run of you guessed it….11.1 miles. It was a great time then and a lot of fun running with runners that I don’t run with regularly, or in this case, my first time. But a great bunch of people that certainly got an understandable mantra to their club….run to eat! Equally well, so to the F-N’ Runners that know their place and heart in the grand scheme of running. Those pics…..I recall every view even though I only ran there one time! How is that? Ya doing well TTF and F-N’ runners cause ya got to mix-it-up and ya got to keep it fun. Keep that up!

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