New Adventures…..

A new adventure is underway. 

A redemption run of sorts. 

A new chapter to be written in an old and tattered book.

A new set of friends to be made.

A new goal to be achieved.

A new relay to be ran.

Hmmmm……which one to choose?


You really didn’t think I’d let this go, did you?  I may have had to sit out of the 2012 Madison to Chicago Ragnar due to a last minute injury (details HERE) but baby, I’m back!  Whooooooop!!

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

4 thoughts on “New Adventures…..

  1. I sooooo much want to do the keys in January!!! Or really any someplace else, if you do one somewhere and want an additional person, I AM IN!!!

  2. I did my first Ragnar this last summer and loved it! Absolutely can’t wait to do another next year. What is neat, is during the race this year we setup a “mass text” with all team members on it… and it is still being used periodically! Nothing picks you up more than a “go runners! you can get through this week!” at 9am on a Monday.

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