Halloween Confessions…..

I always consider Halloween a success when I can squeeze in a run before trick or treating.  So yesterday was a WIN in my opinion because I grabbed a little over 4 miles at Yankee and Bremen Woods before hitting the candy Trick or Treat Trail with the kiddos!


  • 4.17 miles ran – 9 min pace
  • 2 Coyotes, 2 Deer and countless squirrels scared the shit out of me startled me in the woods.

Deer in Midlothian Res

  • 2.5 fun size Three Musketeers consumed and I don’t even really like them.


  • 1 fun size Snickers consumed
  • 0  Almond Joys received  – 0 consumed 
  • The fact that Almond Joys were “out” for this year was a small blessing and saved me a ton of calories!
  • .49 miles walked before Michael pooped out
  • Yes, I started my Garmin to go Trick or Treating.
  • 1 baby wipe, 1 cucumber wipe & 4 cotton balls with make-up remover needed to remove the green face paint from my lil Army man!     


  • This was Round #2 of 2012 Trick or Treating. Lexi (Clawdeen from Monster High), Aby (Cleopatra), & Michael (Army Man) from the weekend:                              

Halloween 2012_Lex Aby Michael

I hope you all had a Happy and SAFE Halloween!  Now quick, what are you planning to do with all the candy? 

** Happy Halloween ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

11 thoughts on “Halloween Confessions…..

  1. The deer aren’t startled and take off running? Too funny that you measured your trick or treating via Garmin. I’m sure when you upload the data it will look wacky, going house to house.

  2. Cracking up a the Garmin comment. As I walked my girls from our house to their friend’s house at the other end of our subdivision, I was wishing I had mine… but I knew exactly how far we went because it follows my running route… 1.5 mile walk. My weakness is Snickers. I need them out of my house!

  3. I have some candy left – I bought it for my staff. I’ve been carrying it around and giving some of it away and some of it I’ve stashed away… out of sight, out of mind. Also, sometimes I have those, “MUST HAVE CHOCOLATE NOW!” moments so this will help 🙂

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