One thing I love about the million blogs I follow are the random contests!  Last week Run With Jess posted a fun contest for the ING NYC Marathon and a charity known as the Orange Laces Nation – ING Run For Something Better.  This charity tackles the fight against childhood obesity.  According to the Run For Something Better website: 

Changing Children’s Lives Through Fitness

Imagine if childhood obesity didn’t threaten the health of so many children across America. Imagine if we could give our nation’s children a way to get moving and a reason to get excited about physical activity …

We can and we are! ING Run For Something Better is helping kids learn that exercise is fun and rewarding. Through our free school-based running fitness programs, ING Run For Something Better challenges children to get active, set goals and start a lifetime habit of physical activity. Each program is capped off with a fun running event involving the school or even the larger community.

Since I am a firm believer that kids need to be active to be healthy, I wanted to support Jess and the Orange Laces Nation in Orange Up Week!

It was an easy task to complete, Jess just asked that we go running in something orange.  Since I had a new pair of Pro Compression socks in ORANGE that I had yet to try out, I was excited!  Plus this week was Halloween.  Plus it’s hunting season.  It’s never a bad idea in my opinion to run the trails in bright orange in October & November!

The hardest part was getting a photo of my ensemble while running alone, in the woods, on Halloween.  This is the best I could do:

Orange Up_TooTallFritz

“Run”Way Fashion:  Orange 2010 Chicago Marathon Nike 1/2 Zip,  Orange Pro Compression socks, Red/White/Gold Saucony Guide 5s which were just released but now on sale in the Last Chance Sale Section at Saucony.com  for $82 because they dropped the Guide 6s.   You can also get an additional 20% off the last chance prices with the coupon code:  20LCNOV 


It was a beautiful day to be out on the trails so I was happy to have the extra incentive to #MakeItHappen.  I even tried a new (to me) trail spur in Yankee Woods and was pretty happy to be so BRIGHT with all the coyotes wildlife I saw and managed to scare off.

         Bremen Woods_10-31-12    Bremen Woods 2_10-31-12

Do you like, and participate, in the random challenges and contests that bloggers create?  I do because I love having a bit of extra motivation to #MakeItHappen!

** #Orange_UP ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

3 thoughts on “#Orange_Up

  1. Nice job “Orangin-Up”…Ya would have thought that programs like this to promote more active lifestyles for youths would have been in the forefront years ago! Anyways…that shirt and compression socks looks red to me in that pic of yours! I trust your word that they are actually orange!

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