Halloween Confessions…..

I always consider Halloween a success when I can squeeze in a run before trick or treating.  So yesterday was a WIN in my opinion because I grabbed a little over 4 miles at Yankee and Bremen Woods before hitting the candy Trick or Treat Trail with the kiddos!


  • 4.17 miles ran – 9 min pace
  • 2 Coyotes, 2 Deer and countless squirrels scared the shit out of me startled me in the woods.

Deer in Midlothian Res

  • 2.5 fun size Three Musketeers consumed and I don’t even really like them.


  • 1 fun size Snickers consumed
  • 0  Almond Joys received  – 0 consumed 
  • The fact that Almond Joys were “out” for this year was a small blessing and saved me a ton of calories!
  • .49 miles walked before Michael pooped out
  • Yes, I started my Garmin to go Trick or Treating.
  • 1 baby wipe, 1 cucumber wipe & 4 cotton balls with make-up remover needed to remove the green face paint from my lil Army man!     


  • This was Round #2 of 2012 Trick or Treating. Lexi (Clawdeen from Monster High), Aby (Cleopatra), & Michael (Army Man) from the weekend:                              

Halloween 2012_Lex Aby Michael

I hope you all had a Happy and SAFE Halloween!  Now quick, what are you planning to do with all the candy? 

** Happy Halloween ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com