Run YOUR Way….

I leave for Ragnar FL Keys in 7 days!!!  One of our sponsors, Family Fan Club has created way more than 7 things for me in the last year. 

Family Fan Club

I first became familiar with them thru their sponsorship of our Ragnar Chicago ultra team, You Just Got Chicked.  My teammate & friend, Run with Jess designed a kickaxx shirt and Family Fan Club did everything else. 


               Chick 3


 You Just Got Chicked_headband

Decals for our van.  Shirts for a friend’s Ragnar Chicago Team.  The experience was so good, I decided to let them do a quote for our running club.  We wanted something that would “pop”, make us recognizable since we were new but growing at an alarming fast rate.  We wanted to create a brand that everyone would identify as our running club.  So we stuck with the gold because you can see it a mile away it pops.  The FNRC brand was born with the help of Jeni H’s awesome designs skills and Family Fan Club chasing down anything and everything GOLD, which is really not an easy task.

Shirts (long sleeve, sleeveless, short sleeve, gender specific, hoodies):


Hats & Visors:

FNRC_shirt hat visor

Christmas Ornaments:



    iPhone Case:


I can only hope that the FNRC did Family Fan Club proud this year.  We wore our colors and FNRC gear everywhere and collected a “few” awards too.


I also utilized them for shirts a few friends wanted made with the “Go Live” theme.  It reminds me of the “go big or go home” slogan.  Go Live …. if you are going to show up, then be ready to play, run or do WHATEVER at your best.

QuadCities_2012 girls

And last but not least, Family Fan Club is hooking up my newest Ragnar team with shirts, designed by the fabulous Jeni H and decals for our Ragnar vans.

2 Bros 10 Does_shirts

2 Bros 10 Does_me_outfit

If you want to run YOUR way, whatever way that is, in whatever design you can create, then call Family Fan Club and they can hook you up.  This is definitely a “you dream it” …… they can make it type company.  Prices are good too.  Reasonable and they will work with large groups to get you the best price available.  I’m a big “fan” of Family Fan Club!

Thanks for all the support this year, Family Fan Club!

** Run YOUR Way**  Amanda – TooTallFritz **

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