Keeping Things Fresh…

I’m pretty simple and could do the same thing just about every day.  However, my body goes into a holding pattern and if I have any desire to change the way my body functions, then I have to change my diet activities.  Okay, both diet and activities.  Once I put on a few pounds, they don’t want to leave.  Like never.  I fully admit that it’s part laziness where I just want to run, not eat like an herbivore unless they also love jelly beans!!!, not give up alcohol and basically do whatever I want but on the other hand, I also have time restraints which have nothing to do with my overeating.

So I’ve been trying to change things up, keep my workouts fresh, force my metabolism to MOVE without adding too much additional time to my workouts.  I think it’s been positive thus far.  If you follow me on DailyMile, Facebook or Twitter then you may have seen me tag things “Operation Lose 8lbs”.  That 8 lbs is the bit of weight I put on during last summer’s injury and a “little” extra that I’ve picked up over the last 2 to 3 months.  Good times.  So I’m serious now and I need fast results so that I won’t have to carry the extra 8lbs through the Lansing Marathon.  I mean really, 8lbs over the course of 26.2 miles is a lot and I only have 44 more days so there’s no time to waste. 

First thing I added was push-ups.  I have a love/hate relationship with anything strength related.  I’m weak.  I have a weak core.  I start a routine and its always dropped within a couple week regardless of my good intentions.


So 50 pushups every day.  The first two days, I was super sore but things are starting to get better and I already notice my core firming up a bit which is my weakest area and where I gain weight first so I’m happy.

I’ve also added in random StairMaster workouts.  I did 2 last week.  Duration of 30 to 40 minutes each depending on my available time slot.  Old pic but same machine!   The StairMaster really helps me lose!

I’ve split my workouts so that I can get in something, even a short something, a couple times a day.   Trying to get the metabolism moving and then moving AGAIN before it totally goes to sleep.  This may mean a short run and a short Stairmaster workout  or possibly two runs like yesterday.   I’d like to think this snowy run on Old Plank Trail burned a few extra calories last night!

Snow OPT_black white_3-6-13

I’m also stretching.  One to two times daily.  Not because I think it will burn “extra” but because I know I need it.  Oh, and I’m chugging water, eating my fruits and veggies, focusing on lean proteins and trying my hardest to avoid processed sugar and NOT overeat.  Not overeating is the hardest part. 

So I’m focused.  I’ve lost 3 lbs.  I have 5 more that need to hit the road.  44 days.  That’s 0.11 lbs per day.  I’d like to think I can manage that but only time will tell.

Where is your weak spot?  Overeating, eating junk, or not hitting the gym? 

** Operation Lose 8lbs ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

7 thoughts on “Keeping Things Fresh…

  1. Great job Amanda! I’m trying to lose weight too now that I’m trying to come back from injury. I’d like to lose 15 pounds minimum. I wish I could do push-ups but I can’t right now…so I’m focusing more on lower body…need to add some core moves soon!

  2. TTF…I know how to maximize weight loss. Have to assume the xtra weight put on is fat and not muscle…cause you ain’t said anything about massive weight-lifting and taking high-protein supplementation, so it is reasonable the extra weight put on is in form of fat.

    But before I divulge how to burn fat to maximum, push-ups not the best routine for building core. It will help and help with upper body strength…but not maximize work on core. You need to focus on those bridge, side-plank and several others that will build core. I use this runner’s world routine they published way back that has 5 simple routines, 3x a week that takes 30-min or less to do. And it works.

    Back to losing fat-weight. You can maximize the effect if you don’t eat first thing in morning and do some form of 30-45 min low aerobic exercise….and wait until a few hours after to eat (nominal and healthy). The delay in ingesting food and waiting an hour or more post-exercise forces body to use more fat and waiting post-routine maximizes that burn. Once you get the carb in the gut and in the bloodstream…gonna shut down metabolism of fat.

    So…you can loose a lot of weight by getting up early…do something slow-aerobic for ca 45-min (1-hr even better)….then hold off on eats or sports drinks (water or no-cal electrolyte great) until 1-2 hours post-exercise. This is not to be your marathon training unless schedule calls for comparatively short Very Easy or Easy run. Later in day you do your normal marathon training run after eating and restoring energy reserves (takes at least 4-hr before you do 2nd bout or run training).

    If you do this routine each morning for a week or two…you will drop a lot of fat…assuming you don’t over-compensate with meals and/or worse yet…junk food.

    Hope this helps. If you got questions…ya know how to find me.

    • Frogger, I always try eat a little something within 30 minutes after a workout to refuel my muscles and keep my metabolism in check. If I held off as long as you suggest, I would be so hungry that I would eat anything/everything in sight (my willpower is zero) 🙂 My trainer told me today that I have to stop spacing my meals so far apart because this is why the weight has started to creep up.

      Fritz, if you are near the Crete area, my trainer @ Body Logistics has worked wonders for my core. I see her 2x/week and her workouts have made a huge difference with my running. Yes, I am still VERY slow, but I am not in as much pain (I have balance back and I can plank with the best of ’em). Michele knows how to push my buttons and when to truly back off. Happy to pass along info should you ever have some time 🙂

  3. Nice job!!! I love sugar. We are so alike– I call this time of the year Jelly Bean Season. YUM. I went through one last bag before starting the herbal cleanse this past Monday. I am on day 5 and down about 3 lbs. For me, it’s mostly about over eating. I cross train enough ( I teach a lot of spin classes, cardio and weights) and run enough. I know that food is my weakness!!! Good luck and KEEP IT UP!!! 🙂

    • I think I could hurt someone for a bag of spiced jelly beans right now. And the weekend is my weak link. I run long so am extra hungry, plus I’m home and have to grocery shop,e etc. More time at home, more access to crap. I’m hoping to be STRONG this weekend and not eat any the junk that the crap that the family manages to smuggle into the house. LOL!

  4. My week spot is sugar and mindless eating. I had a rude awakening with the scale this week. After riding the wave below my “acceptable weight” for over a year. I hit “acceptable weight” after denying that my clothes were getting tighter. I now have 3 – 5 to lose. Mindless eating at my desk at work= #1 killer. I exercise a lot and find that the more I exercise, the more I give myself permission to eat which is why I need to remember that I don’t burn that many calories! (I gained 5 miles in a year that I ran 4 marathons and 8 half marathons.) I will not do that again (Need to write that on a board 100 times!)

    Great job on the 3 and those .11/per day have nothing on you!

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