CrossFit Day 15 …. Tabatas

Tough workout for me today.  My back is still jacked up.  According to Dr. Alexis I have swelling in my sacral cap if I’m even remembering the correct terminology.  Regardless, my normal back “issues” have just been taken up a “notch” so we had to modify some of my CrossFit moves today.  I can’t bend very well, or reach, or sit, or stand.  Yep, just a few modifications.  Smile

A Tabatas WOD is always a group of exercises done in rotation; however, each rotation is done for 8 sets before moving onto the next exercise.  20 seconds on for the movement, 10 seconds rest = 1 set.

Day 15 brought us:  Pistols, KettleBell Swings, Rowing, Sit-ups, Air Dyne (stationary bike) and Wall Balls. 

Pistols are a new move for us and almost impossible if your back is crabby.  I used a much higher box than everyone else.  Sorry everyone, I know you were envying my taller box.  While the move doesn’t seem difficult, it was tougher than it looked.  One leg up, squat down to sit on box, stand back up with same leg out.  Then change legs.  Repeat til time is up.  Photo below from Train With Heidi.

CrossFit_Pistols_Train with Heidi

KettleBell Swings also not ideal if your back is jacked up.  I had to move to a lesser weight about half way thru. 


Rowing – Loved this!  We used a Rowing machine.  Not easy but not difficult either.  Nice change of pace.  Pic below from CrossFit 204.


Sit-ups, Air Dyne (Stationary Bike) & Wall Balls are all standard moves that I’ve previously mentioned.

After 15 sessions, I think it’s time to do a cost analysis.  Is CrossFit worth the cost?  First, our “box”, and I use the term box lightly cuz it just seems super hardcore, is pretty low dollar compared to others in our area.  Thanks, Jared!   When I started, the cost for our group was $10 a session or $80 a month (for 2x a week).  I have seen Groupons for our location but did not purchase one.  So there is an option to try it out for less.   That being said, $80 a month for 2x a week is still a lot of $$ for me the normal person.  If I had a gym membership I needed to maintain, or had other out of pocket fitness costs, then I wouldn’t be able to do this.  But I really don’t.   My fitness budget goes mainly to compression socks race entries.

I think we can all agree it’s pricier than a regular “gym”.  However, the individual attention, the daily modifications to make each workout “work” for the individual, and the group atmosphere which pushes each of us to be better is more beneficial {to most} than just hitting the gym.  Plus, it’s hard to cheat when you are always racing the clock for time.  In my case, the benefits outweigh the cost.  I never did strength work, no matter how good my intentions.  I had a weak core, still do but it’s improving.  I was having constant neck/shoulder/back issues from getting old old sport injuries which have caused permanent damage.  Now?  Things are starting to improve.  My back has been much stronger and I’ve had less pain until I tried to step over the dog and the kid tweaked it getting out of the shower on Tuesday.  So I know that CrossFit is helping my body.

Is CrossFit helping my running?  I don’t want to jump the gun and say that it is but I will say that my 18 miler last weekend “didn’t suck” and that’s an improvement in my world. Plus I’ve started to nail my speed work and tempo runs and that’s an improvement in my world.  I am even starting to have a glimmer of hope that I may be able to throw down some fast times this fall both in the half marathon and 5K distance.  Only time will tell but thus far, yes, I do think CrossFit is worth the cost and I believe that it WILL help my running.  Now, if they could just drop a pool in the parking lot, I would be “happy, Happy, HAPPY”.  LOL!

Do you have a fitness habit that “may” be a bit pricy but worth it in your opinion?

** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

6 thoughts on “CrossFit Day 15 …. Tabatas

  1. No…I don’t have a fitness habit or routine that costs bucks…namely spending bucks on injury related issues or race registrations and such. Normally…I do my own x-routines designed to augment my marathon training, but this summer cycle has seen a pass on x-train cause just too much else to do and just try to keep up with the basic marathon run training. It has had its impacts and negative effects, so one has to do the extra x-train whenever feasible within one’s daily timeframe. I love your posts and as impartial observer can definitely see that it is having a cumulative effect on digging you out of that hole you been in for some time cause of those injuries. So keep it up TTF! One thing to keep in mind is that once you have learned these routines…you can simply adapt many of them to routines you do at home and save those bucks spent on the official program you enrolled in. Or do as you suggest…get a larger group together and take advantage of the group rate. Kettleballs don’t cost that much and you can do a whole slough of various x-fit routines at home with them. That one-legged box sit routine is similar to a 1-legged stand routine and bend I do to contend with hamstring issue…just no box involved. Just look for ways to adapt most of those routines to doing at your home….albeit giving up the rowing machine and Air-Dyne biking. But you can just spin-cycle on stand and use gearing to increase the resistance! Get creative!

  2. You said; “I think we can all agree it’s pricier than a regular “gym”” and “If I had a gym membership I needed to maintain, or had other out of pocket fitness costs”…..

    Does your Box offer unlimited use rates?
    Also as you said it is the coaching you are paying for. Go to any Globo gym and ask for a personal trainer to train you as personally as a Box Coach. I would be the rates of the Globo combine with that personal trainer exceed the Box price.

    I kind of agree with David above me. A lot of the work can be done at home or elsewhere and many of us do that. However, if you are feeling CrossFIt is your thing there are reasons to leave the house and hit a box. Some of the movements are just impossible without good coaching and research.

    Once you get to a level you are comfortable with maybe you could by some equipment and outfit your own home Box and supplement coaching with a punch card to the box you currently attend.

    I apologize if I sound as if I am on the defensive here but I hate seeing those who love CrossFit and those who believe it works for them disappear back into the un-happiness of a Globo gym.

    • I don’t go to a gym currently. I tried a trainer once and it didn’t work very well for me, due to that particular trainer but basically it ruined me on trainers. And, I go to a 5am class specifically because that’s my only time slot in the day. Most of the stuff we do I wouldn’t be able to do at home without fear of waking the little guy. Plus, I personally need the help with form, etc now so actually need the box. I do have friends who train like this at home though so it is possible if you know what your doing, invest in some equipment and are able to do things safely (and keep the kids safe). Definitely possible for some.

      Yes, there is an unlimited price at the box. I believe that’s $100 per month.

      Thanks for the input.

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  3. I had to do Pistols (thanks for letting me know what the move is called BTW) at this special training session I did two weeks ago. Physically could NOT do them on my left side on the bench that I was on so had to move to a higher up bench. Right side is much stronger and it was easy compared to the left side.

    As for a fitness habit that is “too pricey” – Does buying workout clothes far too often and when I really don’t NEED them count?

    Hope your back feels better soon!

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