Happy Friday GIVEAWAY for the Michelob Ultra Chicago 13.1

We are fortunate that Chicagoland is BURSTING with half marathon pride.  It’s the perfect race distance for so many and as result Chicago has really embraced the distance and offers road racers a variety of events at that distance.  One of my favorite races is the “13.1 Chicago”.  This year Michelob Ultra is the key sponsor and the official name is the Michelob Ultra Chicago 13.1.  I ran last when it was the Allstate Life Insurance 13.1 Chicago (race report HERE).  Before the big name sponsors, it was simply 13.1 Chicago and well, that’s how I’ll always think of it! 


This year 13.1 Chicago is on June 7th.  Once again it occurs on the same weekend as the Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relays.  Since I’m spearheading an all ladies ultra team for Ragnar Chicago, I will unfortunately not be able to run the 13.1 event in 2014.  However, if my calendar permitted I would be there and I hope to see lots of pics of all of you enjoying this amazing event!

What does 13.1 Chicago have to offer that puts it heads above the other Chicago half marathons?

  • Unique Southside location, starting at the South Shore Cultural Center where Mr. & Ms. Obama were married, running thru the beautiful trails in Jackson Park, and covering sections of the lakefront trail that most of us never run.
  • Beautiful views of the city of Chicago while you are running north on the course.
  • Amazing backdrop for photos when you run back south toward the finish line.  Photo below courtesy of Xaarlin (Pain is Nothing). 

13.1 Chicago_me running

  • Sophisticated starting corral system which seeds participants well and allows for space on the course to run YOUR race. 
  • Low traffic on run course, even when running the Lakefront path. 
  • Shade on the run course.
  • Out and back race where you can see your friends come and go for the majority of the race.  This is definitely one of my favorite things about this run.  I saw each and every one of my run buds, the fast ones and the ones behind me too! 

13.1 Chicago map

  • After race BEACH PARTY! 

13.1 Chicago_FNRC

This is a great race, certainly my favorite of this distance in the city of Chicago.  They also offer a 5K if you (or a friend) is not up to the half distance.  Take your friends to this race because you are going to want to stay and enjoy the after party!

NOW, did you want to win a FREE ENTRY to the 2014 Michelob Ultra Chicago 13.1?    If so, please make a comment below and tell me your all time favorite half marathon (so far), it doesn’t have to be a Chicago event.  For a second entry, like the TooTallFritz Facebook page.  For a third entry, like the 13.1 Marathon series Facebook page.  Let me know which of the above you did so that I can assign your entries correctly! 

Giveaway starts now and runs until Wednesday (March 26, 2014) at 9am when a winner will be selected via a random number generator.  Good luck, all! 

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

57 thoughts on “Happy Friday GIVEAWAY for the Michelob Ultra Chicago 13.1

  1. I’d love to win an entry to the half – I’ve never been to Chicago, and this would be a great way to see it! My favorite half is the one I PR’d at, the Hurricane Half!

  2. Okay so I’m trying hard for the win:). I liked both Facebook pages and here’s my comment….my favorite 1/2 so far was the Kentucky derby 1/2. Wish I was doing it again this year but it falls on Easter weekend:(. Really want to do the Michelob ultra this year though!!!!!

  3. My favorite half so far was the Madison-mini in Madison, WI. Part of the course takes runners through an arboretum and there is a nice post-race event. Makes for a great getaway weekend

  4. My favorite, and the only half I ever did, was the Palos Half Marathon last year. It was awesome, and holds a special place in my heart. I already like your page as well as the 13.1 half page! Thanks again !!!

  5. Monster half was so much fun!!!! Not my best time but loved the costumes!! I have already liked your page and the 13.1 page!!

  6. My favorite 1/2 – Quad Cities…. Beautiful course, great being able to walk out hotel door to the starting line. Already liked your page and also liked the 13.1 FB page

  7. Yay! The 13.1 series was my very first 1/2! I loved it! My favorite race so far was the palos 1/2! All the FNRC cheering totally made it for me! I also, already like the 13.1 page and TooTallFritz FB page! Thanks!

  8. Wow…TTF…wondering if this Chicago 13.1 marathon is the one and same “13.1” marathon I ran in inaguaral year in 2009 with start and finish at S-Shore Cultural Center. In that year they went with a “Blues-Brothers” theme with a cover of BB at the start! I still got the caricature drawing they had artists doing for free of you if you had patience to wait in line! Let me know if you want a pic of that caricature drawing…pretty cool thing they did back then. So that is my favorite 1/2 marathon that works that Lakefront Trail out and back to S-Shore Center. A close 2nd is Calumet Memorial Park Distrrict’s Mini Marathon they hold in September in Calumet City. That’s a nice, inexpensive 1/2 to do and I re-measured their course…so you know it is accurate. And if I interpret correctly…this year they will add a 5k run-walk event! But my memories and the great time I had post-race at that 13.1…got my vote for number 1 1/2 marathon to run. Haven’t gone to your FB page to like you…but haven’t I done that in times past? How many times do I have to like you to get “2-chances”…ya know I am staunch follower of your blog…and always supportive of TTF and her effort to “escape from screaming kids” and never agreed with you on the “butt” thing! Count me in…whatever…however…ya do it!

  9. Choosing my all time favourite half marathon is a tough one! Probably my first, the Melbourne Half Marathon (Australia), as it was when I felt like I found myself as a runner. But I’ve run some awesome ones since then too!

    I liked both Facebook pages.

  10. I have only run one. The Chicago Zooma where I met you! Tore fibers in my fascia but finished the race. I need revenge on my only half where I ran injured!!!

  11. Cocoa Women’s Half Marathon! 😉 I had an injury so I couldn’t run, but I volunteered and got to hand out race medals at the end. So much awesomeness!

  12. I’ve ran this race before and have liked it a lot. I even “ran” it one year that it was cancelled. Boo. My favorite half marathon race is the RnR Las Vegas. I like your page too.

  13. OOOOOh!! I want to win!!! My favorite half so far was the IL Marathon half last year in Champaign. The crowd support was crazy, and I fed off of that as I ran for Autism Speaks! Pssst. I LOVE your page and like the 13.1 Marathon Series AND my favorite beverage is Michelob Ultra ❤

  14. My favorite half marathon so far was running the Disney Princess Half Marathon! Just relocated back to the Chicago so hope to get some halves in this year here!

  15. My favorite half was the monster dash, because it was myfirst half that i ever did. I did the first yr and it was fun, especially since th ourse had to be changed in the 11th hr due to OBama coming to town to campaign for Giuniolious. For those who di it, realuze that the last mile was super long due to the last min adjustment to the course. Originally the course started by the museum cmpus and you had to head south. It was changed and you had to go north instead. Btw, i liked both of the pages. I registered, already for the 1st if the 39.3 challenge.

  16. My favorite half (and only) was the the Rock n Roll Chicago 2013. I would love to beat my time and give this half a try! Thanks! Jessica Howard

  17. My favorite was the Chicago half in Sept. it’s the only one I have done but I don’t know who could top the Lake Shore Drive scenery and the Chi-town energy. It was amazing fun.

  18. My favorite half is the St. Louis Rock N Roll Half I ran and finished with my husband, plus got to run in my hometown. I liked both pages!

  19. Favorite Half: my first was the Clearwater Half marathon which is held in January. Ran with my sis, saw lots of palm trees and pretty Gulf water. The bridges were a challenge especially since I was unprepared. I didn’t realize I should have checked out the elevation!

  20. My favorite so far is the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon/Half Marathon. The crowd support is amazing. You run through Lambeau. Beer at the end. They are having a lot of changes this year so we will see how it goes this time.

  21. Amica half marathon in Newport, RI. While the hills are rolling and a challenge at times, the perfect fall weather, coastal views and peaks at old mansions bring you back in time for a very scenic 13.1!

  22. I think my favorite 1/2 so far is the Zooma Chicago. Not so much for the race itself but for the other pieces. I loved getting to meet Touch Chiks (including you), Brae and her sister that run Zooma, and Sara Hall. Our family enjoyed our week in the Windy City.

    I “liked” your page Too Tall Fritz and the 13.1 Marathon Series Page.

    What a great giveaway!

  23. I liked all the above pages and my favorite half was NWM but RnR Chicago is high on the list too! Thanks for offering such awesome giveaways!

  24. the schaumburg turkey trot in 2013! it was a major PR for me and the course was beautiful with perfect weather

  25. My favorite half was last years 13.1 Chicago race and would love to run it again this year. Sad that your not going to be there:( I was listening to Another mother runner podcast on my run Saturday and they mentioned you!

  26. While I am very loyal to other half marathons, my favorite course and experience so far was at the North Shore Half. I’ve had this run on my list of must do for several years. I did not know until reading your post that it is a Team Challenge Charity Race. I am a big supporter, as I was diagnosed with UC when I was 19. I will be there this year, but sure would be sweet to have a free entry! Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. My all time favorite half is the only one I’ve ever ran – the Door County Half Marathon in Fish Creek, Wisconsin (BEAUTIFUL scenery and small race), though I’ll let you know how the Cellcom-Green Bay Marathon (half) stands up to it in a month and a half 🙂

  28. My favorite half marathon….. This is tough because all 6 have been special in some way. I guess I’ll have to say that the Publix Georgia half I just completed last Sunday was my favorite. It was actually horrible and I wanted to quit every second of the first half of the race, but luckily I was running it with my best friend who pushed me to not give up (then I got my second wind and pushed her the last half). With our horrible winter here, it’s been very hard to train, plus the hills in Atlanta are intense. But we pushed through and finished the race in 2:08. Not a PR for me, but not my worst time, either! I set a goal for myself this year to race a half marathon a month in 2014 (with the exception of October when I’ll be tackling my very first full!), and I still need a race for the month of June! I really hope I can win this entry because my goal is getting expensive haha. I liked both Facebook pages for extra entries! 🙂 thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

  29. My favorite half so far is the Schaumburg Turkey Trot that takes place on Thanksgiving weekend – nice and cool and there are deer and stuff along the course!

  30. My Favorite half is 13.1 Chicago LAST YEAR because I ran my current PR there 🙂 I’ve done this race every year they’ve held it and I’d love to be there this year through your give away 🙂

    I also already like those 2 Facebook pages 🙂

  31. I’ve only done one half. Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon in Springfield IL. I’d love to try this one! I like both pages

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