Ready Or Not ….. Ironman 70.3 Steelhead

I didn’t ride my bike or swim at all in 2014.  The move (packing, finding an IN house on a tight time table, finding renters for the IL house, and actually getting all of our stuff from the old house/barn to the new one) was quite a project.  I ran when I could but that was pretty infrequent too between April & September (2014).  When spring 2015 came around, I had a real itch to get out on my bike.  However, I wasn’t real familiar with all the roads in my new area.  Drivers here had ran me off the road while running more than once.  And I knew of 2 ladies who were hit and killed while riding their bikes in IL (different areas) early in the season.  I was a bit nervous about getting out on the road.  Actually, I was scared.


I finally got my bike out after the local coffee shop, Jeremiah’s Brewed Awakenings, ran a promo for Bike Month in May.  I think the promo was that they would give a free coffee to anyone who completed 7 items on the bike month promo sheet.  I never did turn in my sheet but I did dust off my bike toward the end of the month and take it for a spin.  And I was a happy lady.  I started riding around my area.  Even found a couple good routes with a few hills.  Set my basement up for some marathon bike trainer sessions because I was  having trouble getting out the door between kids, work and Aby’s Cross Country schedule.  Signed up for Ironman 70.3 Steelhead.  And then my basement flooded with my bike trainer in it and all plans were halted.

FullSizeRender IMG_7291 IMG_7313

When there is a crisis at home, mom doesn’t leave to go ride her bike.  So all swimming and biking stopped with the basement flood.  It was emotional.  It was exhausting because we (hubby, kids & I) had to clear out and demo the basement.  Insurance didn’t help much at all.  In fact, it didn’t even help enough to pay for the replacement of our geothermal heat/air unit.  And when it rains it pours, right?  So it was at this exact same time that’s our IL renters decided they weren’t going to pay rent anymore.  Now our home is in a partial demo’d state with no heat/air.  Current basement pic below.


We’re paying for 2 houses and an eviction lawsuit to try to get the renters (can I call them that if they aren’t paying???) out of our IL house.  Lot’s going on and not much to do with training or triathlon.  But over the last three weeks I’ve tried to get my shit together mentally & physically salvage my training because the IM registration fees are pretty high and am hoping for another 70.3 finish.

attitude is everything

I’ve only managed a couple swims but I’ve ridden numerous times, mostly 25 milers but I’ve been riding.

IMG_7699  IMG_7698  IMG_7662

I even took a day off work to go ride the Steelhead course with a few amazing athletes.

IMG_7661  group

We took a practice swim that really sucked in Lake Michigan but at least Laura N. was able to get my wetsuit zipped  This is a real win because of course, I’m now “a bit” heavier than the specs of the suit recommend.

IMG_7664  IMG_7665

So the good news is that I won’t drown because my wetsuit technically fits.  And I should be able to cover the 56 miles on the bike because I’ve trained for almost a full 3 weeks.  Smile  And well, I can run a half marathon.  So I guess I’m ready to do a half ironman!  Right?  Right!

So there it is, all laid out.  Steelhead, I’m coming.  Whether I’m “Ready or Not”.  I wasn’t going to win anyhow, so I’ll just keep ticking off the miles until the finish line is in sight.

success occurs

** I TRI ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

6 thoughts on “Ready Or Not ….. Ironman 70.3 Steelhead

  1. You are a strong swimmer, strong biker and a very strong runner!!! You’ve got this!!!! We have a really good supportive group going and none of us are going to win, but we all will get it DONE!! That is all that counts and that we will have fun, because that is why we do this!!

  2. Good luck Amanda! You know you can do it. Sure training wasn’t what it was supposed to be but you are right…you can do all 3 sports. So get ‘er done!!

  3. Have a great time, and set some “process” goals to make sure you have something to work toward, even if you’re not as fast as you’d like! Have an awesome time… I’ve heard so many good things about the Steelhead course!

  4. You do Tri and Try…you are consummate example of determination! Yikes…the flooded basement? Most insurance policies cover sewer back-up or sump failure….just not true flooding. (i.e. floodwaters from rivers) which I doubt you had. And those “slough-renters”…empathize with you. Just saw something on this that there are some that play this game making property owner go through the extreme to get them evicted….meanwhile staying in place essentially rent free and probably trashing it to! That’s why you have to really require big security deposit in advance cause that guarantees your renters are serious and capable of being responsible and paying their rent and keeping property in good shape without unnecessary damage beyond normal wear and tear. So I am sure that will all work itself out down the road and you will be able to give a big sigh of relief. Meanwhile….I both like and commend your approach….just do the Iron 70.3 with no hard expectations and just enjoy the time…you deserve it. This time I will offer you “kua-hu”….which supposedly translates into “ride tiger.” It’s really a 3rd level of energy where you are not doing it….it (the race) is doing you and you along for the ride. Or I always love Arthur Ashe’s quote….”Start where you are, bring what you have, do what you can!” And I truly know you can do that….cause you have done it oh-so many times before! And Katherine Swiizer….well….she would just say…Amanda…..”Go For It!” If I still had my connections with her….I would have her send you an email just before your race saying what she would. And that would be in the spirit when I was coaching Fleet-Feet Schererville store marathon training program and I had this awesome lady….named Hilda Salazar….she was running her first marathon at Chicago. And I did get one and only great Alberto Salazar….to take the time and send her a personal message the day before that Chicago race. She really loved that…always talks about it. Hoping I can get response from KS. But just go for it TTF….in the spirit of above.

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