Ghosts And Ghouls Spooktacular 5K –Auburn, IN

Anyone want to run a 5K?  If you are a marathoner, I think I just heard you groan.  If you are a marathoner who gained 26#s last year, then you might be me I definitely heard you groan.  But alas, one of Aby’s class projects was to host this 5K.  She needed runners.  So I ran.  It was a great race.  Well organized.  Easy route that was well marked.  And I won the Women’s Master division with a time of 24:04 which snagged me a Kroger gift card and some free food from Arby’s.  Yay!!


The 5K was sandwiched between Trick or Treat hours for our local businesses and the residential Trick or Treating in Auburn, IN.  My fear was poor turnout due to holiday fun.  In fact, we struggled as a family and had to divide and conquer.  Hubby took the little man trick or treating.  I went to the 5K. 

The 5K was a project based learning assignment hosted by the DeKalb New Tech program.  The class was raising money for DCIC Ministries, Shelter Ministries, Salvation Army, and Warm A Heart.  All of these organizations are Christian nonprofit charities serving Auburn, IN and the surrounding communities in DeKalb County.   They offer various services and help our community in numerous ways by feeding, clothing, educating, providing medical vouchers and/or financial assistance to those in need.  The New Tech program was hoping to raise $2,500 to split between these organizations but due to timing and poor turnout, they only collected $735.  All items for the 5K were donated (bibs, water cups, water, prizes) so the registration fees were 100% profit.  They still need to raise $1,765 more to meet their projections.  If you would like to help with a small (or large) donation, please email:

I love these small 5Ks with a purpose.  They are focusing on their community by trying to get everyone moving while also trying to make a difference and help those in need.  Next year, I’ll try to be a more involved to help get the word out and get a bigger runner base.  But for now, I can only try to help boost the donations.  I know lots of people are looking for end of the year deductions.  No need to wait til December, give now and you can help these charities make a better Christmas for people who need assistance.

** Running For A Cause ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

2 thoughts on “Ghosts And Ghouls Spooktacular 5K –Auburn, IN

  1. Pretty cool and I like your focus on “community” and being a part of it. My only complaint is I would love to add additional support to said cause…but I clicked on the link to email said individual and what comes up is some function asking me to add or save said individual as a contact before any email goes out. Be better if cause is looking for additional donations to have a link comes up…click-n-pay with whatever card or Pay Pal or whatever. I did email that address you included cause I really want to support what you feel needs the extra help. Good job Amanda in doing what you do…balancing family….and this race…and promoting healthy life choices and more! You are awesome!

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