Indianapolis Monumental Marathon …. Then Vs Now

As I prepare for the 2015 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, I can’t help but reflect on the first time I ran it in 2008.  The 2008 event was the inaugural race for Indy Monumental and I don’t think any of us expected it to grow the way that it has over the last 7 years.   There was no “expo”, only packet pickup at the Capitol Building.  I didn’t have a crew.  Or a blog.  Or know 25-30 people running.  I had one crazy friend who made the trip with me to Indy from Chicagoland.  And pretty much everyone else in our lives thought we were insane.  Like totally insane.   Abby S & I in front of the Capital Building at packet pickup.


2008 was the year of the triathlon.  I probably thought of nothing else in ‘08 other than TRIing and TRYING to get preggo with Mr. Michael.  And damn, I was skinny!  I’m pretty sure I never appreciated how thin I was at that point in time.  I bet I ate every dang thing that I wanted and drank my fair share of Corona Lights too!  Ah, memories!  But seriously, 2008 was THE year.  Abby S and I competed in 6-7 Olympic TRIs, a Duathlon, 3 half marathons for me (4 ore more for her), I did my first 70.3 TRI and ran my 2nd marathon at Indy.  Good times. 

However, I remember the ‘08 Monumental race being very emotional for me.  I was off my birth control (trying to conceive) and exhausted.  We had been racing hard since mid May that year and Indy Monumental was on Nov 1st.  I didn’t understand that training cycles need to be cyclical.  I didn’t understand the importance of rest in life or racing.  I just kept the training/racing cycle going and I crashed and burned at Indy.  And shed a billion tears in the process.  This is where I learned that crying and running are NOT compatible.  So when I tell the Cross Countries girls to suck it up cuz the tears make it harder to run, well, I’m only be honest cuz I know from personal experience.  Tears and running do not mix, if you want to breathe.

Monumental was the end of my racing season for 2008.  I did run a local turkey trot but that was it.  And I conceived before year end.  Rest helps a lot of things:  muscle recovery, emotions, hormones, and conception.  Smile

Needless to say, I don’t remember a lot from the ‘08 Monumental race other than my state of emotion.  Hard to see thru those tears.  So I’m really looking forward to the 2015 race, which will be my 24th marathon.  I look forward to SEEING what Indy has to offer.  My only goal this year is to NOT cry.  I’m in a totally different state of mind these days with my running, not so focused on speed but thankful to just be moving,  running, racing, and thankful for my life “on the run”.

Here is the 2008 Inaugural race medal and race shirt.  The shirt has been repurposed in a race t-shirt quilt but I found the square for a quick photo.  Love my t-shirt quilts and all the memories they evoke. 

IMG_8520     IMG_8694

Good luck to everyone running the 2015 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon!  If you see me, shout!  I’d love to meet you!  I’ll be wearing a Marathon Maniac shirt, probably the long sleeve yellow one.  See you Saturday!

** Be Monumental ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

5 thoughts on “Indianapolis Monumental Marathon …. Then Vs Now

  1. When it comes to running…and marathons or longer to boot…you learn…sometimes the hard-way….what and how to tackle it and keep both sane in uninjured. It’s all water under the bridge with 2008…maybe you not faster…but you are far, far wiser a runner. That’s what I would say you can hang your “hat” on proudly. That was then…this is now…now is all that matters! I will find you at some point in Indy. Not sure what to expect…like you…I have my doubts…but if weather not too uncomfortable and I finish reasonably on track for my goal and not hurting too terribly….my plan is to stay and watch and cheer the finishers that come in. I usually notice those “MM” shirts, but I am not an official MM. I believe Indy will be my 31st marathon since the Hot One in Chicago in 2007. I should probably join that MM thing, just don’t feel I got the “bragging” rights to be one…thinking at least 50 marathons might be legit to be one…but that is just me and my myoptic way of seeing the world. If you feel you are a “marathon maniac”…then you are. I may take a “blahsy” approach to this race…just in dark or black shorts and shirt…nothing fancy…only the long, ponytail to set me apart from the herd. Assuming I find you down there…I will give you one big hug…and photo opp…if you want that…cause you are so great with this blog of yours…says how “mortal” you are and how “compassionate” and “devoted” you are…in your running pursuits, but let’s not leave out your attention to your family…that is something I always see is priority in your life…running is 2nd! Carry on…TTF…”Start where you are, bring what you have, do what you can!” And where did that quote come from? BTW…by time I driving down to Indy…I will have mailed a donation to that school Abby and your promoting fund-raising. Cheers to ya!

  2. I loved reading this. Wow, how things have changed since then! I know what you mean about crying and running at the same time. I tried that once and almost hyperventilated! Lesson learned. I hope I get to see you this weekend, I’ll be looking for you!

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