TBT … Inaugural Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Race Report – 2008

Thanks to my Facebook “Memories”, I found a race report that I published on Facebook, prior to inception of the TTF blog site.  It was published on this day (11/3) back in 2008.  This was my 2nd marathon.  It was during a time when I only ran one marathon a year, poured my heart into training & frequently was disappointed on race day. 




The Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in 2008 came after a very long TRI season.  We were also trying to conceive Mr. Michael, who arrived on 9/7/09.  I was tired.  And emotional.  Two things that can make a marathon difficult at best.  Smile


Indy Marathon (11/1/08) – Race Report

November 3, 2008 at 12:06pm

Indy put on a great race this weekend! The weather was perfect, the course was perfect, I fueled properly……so why did I do more walking than running?
I’ll never know why certain race days end in utter disappointment and tears. Saturday was such a day. I had my miles in, I had a good attitude, I was ready to run, unfortunately my body didn’t get the memo!
I knew I was off almost immediately as my pace was slow and I didn’t have anything more to put into pushing the pace faster. I tried to convince myself that since the weather was cold I was just a bit sluggish and that as soon as I warmed up then I would be able to settle in and start pacing properly. Realistically, when looking at 26 miles, a slow pace isn’t really too big of an issue, I can pick it up later or just run slower. No big deal either way because to me the marathon distance is really about personal achievement and not the clock time.
Things just never came together and they went from less than ideal to pretty bad. I was upset not because I was slow but because I felt bad all over, from my head to my toes! I was upset that I normally can run, even if it is slow, through all my training runs and now it was race day and I not only didn’t want to run, I didn’t even want to walk! Had I been close to home or on a training run, I would have scrapped the day. Some days just aren’t for running and I am old enough to know and accept what I’m given. However, I wasn’t in a situation where I could just get in my car and go home, or call Mick and have him come rescue me. Sigh….so I finished, not because I wanted to but because I didn’t have another reasonable option. It was a 4:50 finish; I was 2:09 at the half, so the majority of the walking did come in the last half. I ran/walked a 4:54 in Memphis last December and felt a whole lot better about it than I did the Indy finish. Not sure why but my emotions took a huge toll on me too, which I think just made it that much worse. And I know I have the ability to run in the 4:15 to 4:30 range…..but that would require that I actually keep moving the entire time! Smile
Looking back, I am thankful I had the desire, motivation and ability to train for another marathon. I am thankful I had a great friend (Abby) awaiting my finish to give me a tissue and commiserate with me! I am also thankful for the great people I met along the course, some who were having good days, other who weren’t.
I’m super sore today, obviously my ego has been bruised badly, and I’m gonna take the week to relax and realign myself mentally. Hopefully by Friday I will be “back” and looking forward to a Saturday long run and maybe even possibly the Tecumseh Trail Marathon.

Cheers to being “upright and moving forward” regardless of how we feel. Amanda

2008 & 2015 Indy Monumental Finisher Medals

Indy Monumental - 08    Indy Monumental - 15

I always say that “time changes almost everything”.  And I still believe that.  If you had told me after I wrote this race report, that in 8 years I’d be going back for my 3rd Indy Monumental Marathon AND that it would be my 35th marathon in all, I’d have told you that you were nuts.  But apparently the joke’s on me.  This Saturday will be my 3rd Indy Monumental Marathon.  And it will be my 35th marathon. 

** Cheers to Whatever Adventures the Future Brings ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

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3 thoughts on “TBT … Inaugural Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Race Report – 2008

  1. Interesting read of your early days of “blogging” on FB! Don’t be so hard on yourself…then or now…I had similar experience at Monumental….the breakdown by last 10k…and not just the “slow-slog-n-walk” thing….but feeling terrible even doing that! I didn’t have to question to much the “why?” that despite having pretty decent training and conditioning, I was broken by the time I got to end of 2nd hour – my breakdown was simply a byproduct of working too hard and over-running in the 1st half…to make up ground lost being backed-up by huge crowds of slower runners that were in the seeding corrals I was supposed to be in! But when things like this go awry of our expected plan…you simply find another way to salvage some kind of positive goal/outcome and as I like to say….”Live to run a better marathon another day!” I do know one thing in training can help you…too many think just doing the training volume in terms of total weekly miles and doing those peak LR’s prepare you for doing your race. They do in some respects….but if you really want to avoid that breakdown and slowdown 2nd half and especially in last 9-mi to 10k….you then have to invest in a lot of consistent training over the course of the entire 18-wk training cycle incorporating speed and tempo/pace running. Most confuse speed work with that fast interval running on the track, but putting more emphasis on “threshold” interval and tempo training….especially in 2nd phase of 18-wk cycle….can be a key factor in running entire 26.2 miles to your terms. I didn’t do any of this kind of training all thru the summer training program….and the results are apparent…can’t run anything close to my maximum age-ability…..just post finishes in the 4:18-4:30 range…with exception of 5:26 for brutal trail marathon in Michigan. But when training starts Monday, December 12th…18-week cycle timed to Boston Marathon….you can bet the training regimen will include a lot of speed/tempo work. But in the interim….not feeling bad about my slower Finishes this fall…rather enjoying the break of the “competitive-performance-based” focus on marathoning!

  2. I remember talking to you once after I first met you about your struggles with the marathon distance. Of course MUCH has changed since then! Good luck in indy and I hope you have a fabulous run!

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