The Influence of Social Media on Fitness

The influence of social media on fitness is currently huge.  I can’t log onto Facebook or Instagram without seeing sweaty gym selfies on my newsfeed.  There is a constant barrage of posts about fitness, workouts and training.  Sometimes the meaning of these fitness posts get lost on its audience and I want to take a minute to think about that.  Oh, and here is my sweaty selfie from my morning ride on the trainer.  Smile


I see many who get annoyed and block or unfollow the posters of these sweaty selfies.  The poster may be a friend, blogger, or an acquaintance.  But some people like my husband have just had enough.

Unless You Fell off the Treadmill

Other people are inspired and want to see more.  It helps them get motivated in the mornings when they’d rather sleep in or just sit and drink coffee in their pajamas.  How about you; how do you feel?

For me, it’s about motivation, inspiration and accountability.  I don’t have a coach.  I don’t really have anyone who cares whether I work out or not.  I do it for me.  Each workout.  Each drop of sweat.  Each time I get up and get moving when I just want to sleep, it’s for me.  Those sweaty selfie posters, aren’t taking pics of themselves cuz they think they are awesome.  They are doing it to hold themselves accountable.  To document workouts over time.  To watch their own progress.  To motivate themselves to stick with it and keep pushing when nobody in their real world cares.  If it motivates others, bonus.  If not …..

Posting Workouts on FB

So please keep posting those sweaty selfies.  Keep giving me the details of your workouts.  Keep working hard cuz that’s what this is all about.  It’s not pretty.  It’s certainly not sexy.  It’s hard work and I’m proud to know so many people who are chasing their dreams and being a positive influence on social media.  It’s not bragging, it’s the way that we hold ourselves accountable.  It’s the way we connect with others who care about fitness.  It’s who we are, day in and day out.  If by chance, we possibly motivate even one person along the way, then it was worth it.  So let’s see those sweaty selfies!  Post yours to social media and tag @tootallfritz on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

** Cheers ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

7 thoughts on “The Influence of Social Media on Fitness

  1. Agree. I got a few cease-and-desist messages during marathon training a few years ago. I explained that the intent was to stay self-accountable, and to motivate. Lost a few FB friends over it, but oh well.

    I, for one, would rather hear about my friends’ workouts than to see pics of their dinner. Or random memes, for that matter….

  2. If it wasn’t for twitter and facebook, I bet this exercise craze would peter out. Photos of people putting themselves out there can sure be inspiring.

  3. Well I am on your side TTF! Why care what others on the media circuit think. If their your real friends…even if just on social media, they will want to hear about what is going on in your life. I don’t keep much tabs on you on FB or Twitter and such….this blog is where I keep in tune with what’s happening in your life. And let’s face it…fitness and training are a big part of your life. And ya know…I get glimpses into the other side of family life at times…as it gets intertwined with your life that wants to run, bike, swim and be healthy. Whether they be selfies, pics of you and others getting it done, or inserts with motivational phrases or quote, or the essays or stories you tell, I want to keep hearing and seeing it. There are many of your posts that inspire to keep on or make the changes I need to do to get better, your last two, quite influential in me making some adjustments and break some long-standing habits. Soooo….I get a lot here to inspire and motivate me to keep at it…just like you and the others that follow your blog. Never tire of it!

  4. The main reason I created a blog, and a separate FB page and IG account related to my blog is because I wanted to post all my sweaty selfies and stuff without annoying my friends and family. I have my outlet and if someone wants to see that, they can follow it, but if not, they don’t have to unfollow me altogether.

  5. I don’t blog, but I do post about my runs and often post sweaty selfies. Although I have had a few people let me know they don’t want to see all that ALL the time, I have had WAY more tell me they love it because it inspires. Funny thing about those who didn’t want to see them is that I see a few of them checking into Fitness Centers. BWAAAAHHH! Secretly they were influenced. I love to see the hard work and dedication

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