How to Stay Motivated Thru The Winter

I can already see it.  It’s happening to my group runners at the YMCA of DeKalb County and it’s happening to some of my friends.  The Winter Blues are moving in and the snow has yet to fly in NE Indiana. 


I know that the time change put a real damper on things.  It seems like it’s dark ALL THE TIME now.  But that doesn’t mean that we give up until spring.   As always, let’s focus and make a plan to combat those winter blues!!  First, consider trying a new fitness activity or class.  Use the winter months to get stronger, leaner and even more amazing.  Make this winter YOUR B*TCH. 

summer bodies

I’m taking #1 to heart this year!  I’ll be starting a CrossFit Endurance class on December 1st.  Tuesday & Thursdays @ 5:30am.  Feel free to join me if you are local and want to make 2016 your best year to date!  I’m going to get strong AND stay ahead of those winter blues!!!

  • CrossFit Tactical Strength
  • 513 Incentive Drive, Ft Wayne, IN 46825 
  • (260) 310-5360 

CF Tactical Strength 

Second, I think it’s important to not only do some different activities during the winter months but reconnect with what you really love.  For me, running is my game.  I love it.  But pounding the pavement gets BORING.  So I really try to mix it up in the fall and winter months.  The way I do that is by hitting the trails.  I leave my music at home.  Grab my 4 legged running partner and we run.  If I get tired, we walk.  If a hill is too steep we walk.  I don’t have a mileage goal, we just run and enjoy the amazing environment.  Bonus:  the trees provide a wind break on those blustery days!  Secret:  Running in the fresh fallen snow is invigorating and gives a sense of peace.

snowy trails

Third, don’t go too long without a real plan.  I know you just killed your fall races.  Nailed some amazing goals, maybe even got the big BQ.  Bask in the glory!  Take some time off!  Put your feet up in the recliner and cuddle the little ones.  And then figure out what’s next so that you have a definitive point to get back to work.  I find that putting a spring marathon on my calendar keeps me honest thru the winter months.  I can be lazy like anyone but sometimes I need a reason to get my butt out in the cold to move my body.   My 2016 Spring Marathon will be the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.  May 1st, 2016.  Far enough ahead that I get some down time.  Close enough that I don’t get lazy. 

flying pig

Think about how you want your winter to look this year.  Think about what strides you would like to make while others are spending time in hibernation.  Think about the goals you have on board for 2016 and how you can get one step closer by focusing on improving yourself in the off season! 

After the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ll talk more about CrossFit Endurance and how to train for the Flying Pig Marathon DURING THE WINTER.  For now, I’m pretty focused on the Route 66 Marathon this weekend and the fact that I’m speaking on the blogger panel Saturday at 3pm, Expo Stage.  If you are at Rt 66 this weekend, find me and tell me how you plan to make this winter YOUR B*TCH. 

** Stay Motivated THIS Winter ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

3 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated Thru The Winter

  1. No problemo contending with Winter Blues….laying low lately…but training for Boston starts about mid-December and winter is traditionally put in a lot of work x-training that includes upper body, core and leg-strengthening/injury prevention routines. Most mine has to be on the roads and in the hills of Palos…cause that’s what marathon will be in Boston….on pavement and hills! But I still like the idea of hitting a trail in the woods when fresh snow fallen. They make these really neat…mini-snow shoes that fit to running shoes! Might invest in some and try the trail run at no specific goal or pace…just to do as you say….find the peace and beauty that only freshly fallen snow in the woods can invoke. And ya know…been contemplating doing that Flying Pig Marathon this upcoming May…but it would be in wake of Boston, so I would just run slow-walk-fast-run slow sorta thing to finish…and add a state I don’t have. So maybe I see ya at the Flying Pig in Ohio. Have to get some Pink Floyd…forgot the title of album but they had that big Pig Balloon promotion connected to that release and tour. Enjoy that Rte 66 Marathon…I was there solo myself when I ran it…but I really enjoyed Tulsa, OK! The only marathon I ever ran “negative-splits” at and I finished with a BQT…at the time that was 3:45 or less for me. Pay attention….some neat houses you run by on residential streets….I think it was in the hilly section before and into last 10k. Almost had me dreaming of moving to Tulsa! So be careful….keep a partly blind-eye…you don’t wanna mess with movin’ again so soon! I will be sending you karma….kua hu…ride tiger….but it ain’t about speed….just finding the energy and good flow! Cheers TTF!

  2. Flying Pig has been on my radar for awhile…but that’s always the same weekend as dance recital. We have three more spring recital weekends (2016, 2017, and 2018)…then I may be heading our east 😉 I agree with you on the snow running….so peaceful!!

  3. I was just in North Central Indiana (Columbia City) running a marathon. It was chilly, but no snow just yet. And I’m already fearing the eventual decline in both mileage and motivation. Ever since I switched to running in the morning, my overall fitness has improved, but that’s because I’ve been able to run in 50s and sunlight. Now that winter is creeping, it’s pitch black when I start my runs AND cold. Eventually that’ll mean more treadmill runs, which aren’t the best …

    BUT, I have been doing this for 6 years now, so what’s another winter, right? I consider it a badge of honor to run when no one else is, so here’s to another honorable season 🙂

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