Life Happens…..

It appears that some people have it all together but know that they are real people too, have real problems and nothing is going as smoothly for them as it looks.  Or at least this is what I’m telling myself this week as I just can’t seem to find the balance between reality and sanity.

  • No workouts since Sunday.
  • A house so messy that I should be embarrassed but I’m not.
  • Late bedtimes.
  • Sleepy, grumpy children and mommy.
  • Nails that need polished.  I need to move this to the top of the To Do list!
  • Desk at work possibly as messy my kitchen floor where Michael does his “cutting”.
  • Missed the first mile of Aby’s 2 mile Cross Country meet last night due to jacked up traffic.
  • Can’t keep the dog from pissing on the floor where the treadmill will sit upon tomorrow’s delivery.
  • Can’t help but dwell on the fact that every step I will take on this new treadmill with Air Flex technology will send up a billowing perfume of dog piss.
  • Can’t help but wonder if the dog will piss ON the treadmill once I put it in her preferred pissing spot.
  • Too busy to even give a damn anymore about how much shit stuff I have to complete before I leave work or go to bed.

So let me pretend for a minute that the pretty ladies, that look all calm, cool and collected also have a dog pissing in their dining room and a toddler who destroys the house faster than the grown-ups can clean it up.   That they look like this as soon as they step thru their front door.  🙂

crazy_mom Source

I’m going to take a deep breath and refocus, acknowledge that life happens to all of us.  Not feel guilty about anything.  I’m going to repeat what my friend Bridgett once told me, “Fake It Til You Can Make It”!   And I’m going to fit in a workout today, no matter what.

Are you managing life better than me this week? 

** Fake It Til You Make It ** Amanda – TooTallFritz