Enthusiam & Confidence…..

I must say that my enthusiasm for “life” was a little low this morning after a long night of bed hopping, a grumpy lil man & a pre-teen who knows everything except how to be confident in herself.  It isn’t easy dealing with our different personalities, needs and motivating everyone to get started in their day and BE HAPPY about it! 

I sometimes do the “let’s think of one happy thing about today” routine but that has gotten a little old with Aby as she is constantly moaning and groaning that she doesn’t want to think about “happy” things.  Of course, our mornings aren’t as happy as I would like because we aren’t the kind of household that gets to wake up on our own and leisurely start our day, plus Aby isn’t a morning person so her mornings are decidedly less happy than those that Michael and I experience.

I want/need to be better able to motivate Aby (10 years old), help her be enthusiastic about life, and foster a sense of confidence that she can carry thru her daily life.  We are struggling with her confidence issue A LOT, negative thoughts and self demoralizing comments.  I hope assume it is more about her age than anything else but she also has a very soft, non-competitive personality which doesn’t foster confidence.  Hubby and I are on a mission to “help” her be more confident.  We know that success comes from within and confidence is the key.

Do you think I should replace my “let’s think one happy thought about today” to “tell me one positive thing about yourself?”  She is very sensitive and I try to respect that but we need to toughen her up a bit.  I know that I too was sensitive at one time but over the last decade few years, I know that my sensitivity has diminished.  I am more of a “suck it up” type motivator rather than a hand holder.  I know that I need to be “sensitive” towards Aby and I know that “suck it up”, “get yourself together” and “make it happen” are not appropriate here but I’m not really sure what is for this particular age group. Of course, we give loads of hugs, love and encouragement but I am just not sure that is enough, it certainly doesn’t appear to be or we wouldn’t be worrying about her self-esteem, right?  Of course, she LOOKS just fine.  🙂  It’s the words we hear that concern us.

How do you motivate others?  Do you have a preteen that is also struggling with confidence?  Any advice for Hubby and I on how to be sensitive and help Aby be enthusiastic and confident about herself and life in general?  Help!

Distressed Mom on the Run,                                                                                       Amanda – TooTallFritz