Not Sprinters Anymore….

Memories are fun, and provide good entertainment, but sometimes they are a bit far from the current reality.  Today I met up with a girl from high school with whom I ran track and in those days we were sprinters.  Now we are moms.  We only sprint after our children in an attempt to keep them alive safe or to get the trash out as the garbage truck is driving up the road.  Meet Adella B…….Adella hauled her ass out of bed came to meet me this morning to run a few laps at the Parkview YMCA in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This Y has an awesome outdoor trail which is 1.65 miles in length so it’s an easy place to meet people cuz they can run however far they want, then just drop off and hit their car when they have had enough of my talking running.

I would hazard a guess that Adella ran further today than ever before in her entire life.  She made it a full 7 miles and I must say that is super impressive for a lady who has a 1 year old baby and has just re-entered the running world.  Let’s just hope that she doesn’t delete me as a facebook friend isn’t too sore tomorrow.  And a HUGE shout out to Mr. B. for watching the kiddos so Adella could get out of the house and hit the trail with me!  Thank  you, Thank you, Thank YOU!

A few sites along the way:

Adella was very accommodating with “please stop for photo” requests.   In fact, I dare say she welcomed the breaks.  

It was a beautiful day with perfect 40 degree temps.  I had a great run with a friend from long ago, who I would never have had the opportunity to reconnect with had facebook not come into both of our lives.  I know a lot of people who have a bad attitude say negative things about social networking but it has been a real positive influence on my life and that of so many I know.  I have met so many new people and reconnected with old friends.  And  let me just say that time changes everything.  In high school, I may not have been part of the cool crowd, or the ball player crowd, or whatever crowd but now that we are OLD more mature, those things just don’t matter.  We are all just people now.  I now talk with people on a daily basis who I may have sat next to in class but never really got to know because of petty differences or peer group stratification…..It’s good to be more mature.

Thanks for coming out today, Adella!  It was a great time!  And thanks to all of you who I now consider to be friends who I may not have spent a lot of time getting to know in school!

Run with Adella:  7.02 miles – 1:22, lots of photo stops and a nice leisurely conversational pace.  Run solo – 5.24 miles – 49:15, a couple of photo stop but basically I had to pack it up and head back home to the bathroom kiddos.  So today brought me a Saturday total of 12.26 miles.  Good day….and there was snow on the ground, which we have not yet seen in Illinois.  

Happy Running!                                                                                                                   Amanda – TooTallFritz