That Didn’t Suck!

Wow. 18 miles done already this morn and it didn’t suck. Could I finally be getting stronger? I’m not a lover of the long run. I like 10 milers. Anything over 10 miles, including the half marathon, is a “bit” of a stretch for me. And normally anything 15 and over just sucks. Bad. I think about the long run all week. I dread it. I even promise myself that if I get thru “this” marathon training cycle, then I’ll never sign up for another. Lies. All lies. I will sign up for another marathon. I don’t know why. They aren’t my forte. I’m not fast. I don’t enjoy the distance or in some sick way, do I enjoy it? What I do enjoy, however, is the training. Getting out on the trail before the sun comes up. Watching the sunrise. Feeling like for those few hours, the world is all mine.


Pure bliss.

Each training cycle is “cyclical”. I have good runs and bad runs. I can be in a bad cycle for a year or more. It could be due to injury, or fatigue, or stress. But when the cycle ends and I start hitting my workouts again, or running long without the “that sucked” feeling, then my heart sings with joy. I’m on the verge of coming out of a bad cycle and I’m starting to get excited. I still have a hamstring that is rebelling against the “come back” but I have a feeling that fast times are in my future. Finally. Could it be true? Only time will tell.

If you’re in a training rut, hang tight. This too shall pass. It can’t all be good all the time and if you have been running a long time, then you know to accept the bad with the good. And some of the downswings can be downright confidence zapping. But that’s normal too. Trust me, hang tight and keep putting in your miles unless your body is just too tired, then just take some downtime to recharge your battery (and confidence).

Any good hamstring stretches? Send them my way! I need this hamstring to get on board with the big picture. It isn’t painful, just tight and irksome.

** Hang On, You WILL Get Stronger ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **