Spring Has Sprung, Virtually & In Real Life

I’m so enchanted with the sights and smells of springtime that I was really interested to see what YOU were discovering in YOUR neighborhood!  So yesterday, I threw down a quick challenge on my Facebook page asking readers to send me a springtime photo from their run/walk/bike adventures. 

Deb M sent me a couple cool photos from her morning run at McCarthy Park in Tinley Park, IL!

McCarthy Park Lagoon  McCarthy Park Lagoon2

Kelly The Culinarian took a stroll with her pooch, Napoleon at Centennial Park in Addison, IL.

Kelly J_pooch

Keith G was running between the raindrops at Brookfield Woods, in Brookfield, IL when he spotted a beautiful flowering tree.

Brookfield Woods

Kelly over at Running Kellometers is taking it easy while nurturing the development of  Baby #1; however, she didn’t have to put much effort into capturing an amazing spring photo.  This magnolia tree is just outside her front door.  Yes, I’m jealous.  I think this is my favorite flowering tree.

magnolia tree

Christina P, outside of Indy, has been enjoying some time with her favorite 4 legged BFF.  This little one doesn’t look like it will be moving up to the long run anytime too soon but it will definitely take first place for being such a cutie pie!!

Christina P_pooch

What spring means to me depends on the day.  I’m a springtime “baby” so love spring by default.  For me and my little ones, each year we look forward to baby birds, flowering trees and well manicured lawns.

baby birds_5-9-13  flowering trees

I also look forward to my lunchtime runs thru the city of Chicago and on the lakefront path.  It’s all good when I’m running with the wind but it wasn’t so funny on the way back!  My favorite days aren’t necessarily the sunny, warm ones but I have a particular love for the foggy, gloomy, rainy days like today.  Mom, was it raining the day I was born?  The gloom brings me cool running temps and fast feet.  That I LOVE!


So spring has definitely sprung in the Midwest and everyone I know is loving it!  Get out there and enjoy the fresh crisp mornings before things turn hot and humid.

** Spring Has Sprung & I’m Loving It ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Spring Brings MORE Runners!!!

We are starting to have a few nice days here and there in the Midwest.  It seems like winter really doesn’t want to say good bye but alas it is inevitable.  The trees and flowers are blooming and I’m actually considering some outdoor gardening.  Maybe.  Or maybe not.  But I have been enjoying the flowering trees both in my yard and trailside.

Blooming Tree

I’m also enjoying all the activity on our local trails.  The same trails that were somewhat deserted all winter long due to snow, ice and overall treacherous conditions.  The same trails that if I ran at an “off” time, I could run for miles one end without seeing a single soul.  Now the trails are bustling with activity.  Walkers.  Runners.  Bikers.  4 legged friends, both domestic and otherwise. 

The size of our group runs are increasing at a very fast rate too.  During the winter season, it would be the same reliable few, each and every week, but now we have new faces at every run!  Wednesday night runners below!!


We have so many new faces that I think I’ll buy name tags for next week’s run!!  I was at the trail 2 hours last night and I only managed 5.71 miles but I got to socialize with lots of new and old friends.  Next week, I’ll be more prepared so that I can get my miles in and still enjoy the company those on the trail.  Maybe.  Or maybe not.

Are you noticing new people out on your local trails?  If you’re still running solo, and would like to change that, put a sign up at your local gym, school and/or park and start your own running club!!  YOU can do it!!!  You’re not the only one out there running the trails, no matter how desolate things seemed thru the winter.  Spring has sprung and people are itching to get out and run!  Take advantage of the situation and make new run friends!!

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com **