Best SWAG Award for 2012

It’s certainly no secret that runners and triathlete’s love free SWAG.  However, the majority of the time, the items in the SWAG bag don’t elicit much excitement from me because 1) the items rarely fit (unisex sizing) or 2) the items are not technical or 3) the items are FUGLY.   However, on a rare occasion even I get a SWAG bag that is exciting. 

For all intents and purposes, I consider myself a SWAG expert due to the numerous races I run annually.  🙂   Last year, my favorite SWAG item from the Hot Chocolate Race quickly turned to crap as all the print started rubbing off the windbreaker within weeks of receiving the item.  Oh yeah, and the sleeves were about 4 inches too short for Ms. TooTall but I know I’m not a “normal” size so no real complaints in that area.  This year, I’ve received some cool things but  nothing I loved…… until today.  My friend Pam picked up the Running For Kicks Turkey Trot packets last night and delivered them to me today.  As you probably already know, I’m a huge supporter of Mel and the Running for Kicks team.  They are a major force in our running community supporting everyone who moves from walkers to runners alike.  They also support many local charities and each race they direct brings additional charity monies to our local community.  I’d run the Running for Kicks races with or without a good SWAG bag just because I like Mel, the store, the staff and the charity component.  However, this year, I would definitely award them with the TTF Best SWAG Award for 2012!

RFK Turkey Trot_2012 SWAG

  • Sport Tek Half Zip lined with fleece (with thumb holes) – SUPER snuggly!!!
  • Feetures No Show Socks
  • GU Chompls
  • Sport Wash
  • $15 off coupon for Running For Kicks
  • Chip Timed Race on Thanksgiving Day

I register for the races that I want to run, regardless of the price which is evident since I even sprung for an Ironman brand race this year.  I will pay more for a race that is in my backyard where I don’t have to travel too far because it reduces the stress on my family.  When registration became available for this year’s 4 mile Running For Kicks Turkey Trot I heard nothing but bitching about the price verses the mere 4 mile distance complaints on the cost.  The registration fee was $55 for a chip timed race on Thanksgiving morning.  The SWAG, which was previously announced, is the best I’ve received all year and is equivalent to the registration fee in my opinion.  Plus the race donates money to local charities and collects food for the Worth Food Pantry.  There may not be a band along route but you will have friends and family cheering for you who actually know you by name.  You will be eligible to win a multitude of raffle prizes and you will get more than what you pay for in hospitality, plus you will be supporting the local community in a magnitude of ways. 

I always stay local if possible and I am thankful for great races like this one.  This amazing half zip is just a bonus!  RFK Turkey Trot_2012 half zip 


RFK Turkey Trot_2012 half zip


That’s an embroidered logo….guessing that won’t “rub” off anytime soon.  Plus its a ladies cut.  Super score!  And thanks, Mel for keeping that turkey logo a reasonable size so that I’ll actually wear this thing.  🙂

Do you want to run the cheapest race around to save some cash or are you willing to spend a bit more for a good cause or even a specialty theme?  I certainly love the cheap races but also like to go where my friends go and sometimes that means that my friends are the organizers.  I like to support the people who support me, my run friends and my community on a daily basis and yes, I don’t mind paying a little extra for that.

Tell me which race would win the Best 2012 SWAG award in your opinion. 

** Happy Turkey Trotting ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **