Chicago Marathon Training ….

While most runners in the CHI are a full 8 or 9 weeks into marathon training, I’ve only just begun.  Granted, I’m “kinda” in half marathon shape.  As in, I can run a half marathon if I don’t have to add any speed to the equation.  My body isn’t exactly in the right spot so I’m more of a shuffler than a runner at this point.  In fact, my feet even scuff at times because I just can’t  get those hamstrings to engage!!  Well, time is ticking and the Chicago Marathon will occur weather I’m ready or not, so last week I created a training plan.  No worries, this isn’t a “BQ or Bust” type plan but rather a “Finish It” plan.  And that, I can do.  I can finish it even if I shed a few tears along the way.

Saturday’s calendar showed a 15 miler.  That probably seems easy for those of you who are marathon training, and very daunting for those of you working the C25K plan.   My brain processed it right in the middle.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy but that I should be able to cover the distance.  I was fortunate in that I didn’t have to run alone.  Hubby’s schedule is changing and I believe that it will give me back Saturday mornings for running.  And I mean running on real trails, not withering away in agony on the treadmill.   Plus the run club has  a big crew on Saturday mornings so this makes me “Happy, Happy, Happy”.  (Yes, we are big Duck Dynasty fans!!)  Smile

Saturday morning F’N Runners, minus another 6 who were already out on the trial:


I put in 6 miles before the crew arrived, a bit faster than I wanted, just shy of 9 min/mi pace.   I knew that wouldn’t bode well for the rest of the run but I was with other people apparently let it happen so am apparently the one who was willing to suffer the consequences.  Knowing that my pace would only be slipping, I settled in with the 10-10:30 group who were also running long on SAT morning.  I kinda felt like I was holding them back, which is almost always how I feel when I run with other people.  Who knows if that’s really the case or just my crazy brain talking?  Regardless, I ran with those lovely ladies for an additional 4 miles.  Fun times.  I talked non-stop and probably drove them crazy was thrilled to be running with a chatty crew.  Alas, the time came when I needed to turn back and they continued forward.  I had one poor lady make the flip with me.  And wow, it didn’t go well.  I pretty much struggled the last 3 miles back to the car.  I had to walk off and on.  Normally walking isn’t a problem with me but I had a partner.  Total guilt fest.  She said she didn’t mind.  Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t.  Who knows but it made me feel bad. 

All in all, I covered 15 miles.  That’s a win on the training plan because it’s in the done column; however, I still worry that ruined that lady’s run!!

Do you feel guilty when you run with others and they stick with you even when you are having a bad run? 

**  Amanda – TooTallFritz **