Progress in the Making!

Although running is not getting any easier, I am seeing small signs of progress indicating that my running fitness in on the return.  I won’t be knocking out any fast runs in the near future but they are on the horizon.  It has been a long time coming while taking lots of little baby steps but progress is in the making!  I know it’s sometimes hard but I encourage all of you to keep moving forward, each and every day, even when you can’t actually see the improvements. Part of the process of growth, development and improvement is the plateau where we yes, it happens to all of us sit at the same spot for an undetermined amount of time without much visible progression.  This is the most important time frame to be patient, keep on doing what is necessary and have faith.  Focus on small steps/goals, which are attainable and allow progress to be identified, no matter how minute.  Try to think of a BIG goal as a completed puzzle.  How much time, patience and how many tiny, tiny pieces go into a beautiful completed puzzle?  Lots.  Stay focused and move forward slowly.  It will be worth it!



I’m currently running low mileage.  I’m averaging 15 miles a week, which includes 3 runs.  Not the norm, or what was the norm, but its safe and keeps me in the game moving forward towards my goal of running a super sonic 2013 Shamrock Shuffle 8K.  Why is the Shamrock Shuffle my next goal race?  Simple.  BEST.RACE.EVER.  It may be the only time you can legitimately chase green men and be considered sane while doing it.  Need I say more?

Nicole-Me- Green Men_Maggie_Kelly

In order to be fast by the Shamrock, I’ll need to keep pushing and testing myself along the way.  I’ll need to get used to running more short distance races rather than pounding out the longer, slower fun miles in my comfort zone with my F’N Runners

In order to test the current level of progression, I went out in the dark this morning and tried to push the pace a bit to see where I am fitness wise.  I certainly wasn’t at race pace with it being dark and my being undertrained but I averaged an 8:39 pace over 3 miles.  This is my starting spot.  I’m at 8:39 and just need to focus on getting stronger and faster while continuing to mend my injuries and maintain health on all other fronts.  I’ll be foam rolling, stretching, icing, cross training and watching my food intake to try to stay as healthy as possible.

I’m also thinking happy, positive thoughts.  I’m still very focused on recovery and rehab, but am just now able to take it up a notch to start working a new set of small steps/goals to get to my BIG goal.  It won’t be easy but if it were easy then it wouldn’t be worth it, right? 

Do you also try to break down the BIG goal into smaller pieces to make it more manageable?  Want to share your current BIG goal?

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **