My Thanks to 2012

Although, we never know what a new year will bring, it is easy to look back at the stats of the year gone by and give appreciation for what we were able to conquer.

1018 Miles Ran:


907 Miles Cycled:


  • 12 – 5Ks
  • 1 – 4 miler
  • 1 – 8K
  • 1 – 6 miler (part of a 10 mile event)
  • 2 – Half Marathons
  • 1 – Duathlon (relay team – Aby ran for me)
  • 1 – Half Iron event downgraded to an Olympic (due to weather) (bike/swim only due to injury)
  • 1 – 60 mile bike event
  • 2 – 5K DNS (due to injury)
  • 1 – Half Marathon DNS (due to injury)
  • 1 – Marathon DNS (due to injury)
  • 1 – Ultra Relay DNS (due to injury)
  • 1 Half Iron cancelled (due to weather)

I must say this has been the strangest year I’ve had in a long time.  I  have never had a DNS prior to 2012.  I have never had an event downgraded to a lesser distance.  I have never had an event cancelled.  I have never had to deal with such a lengthy injury.   I have never had an injury (as an adult) which totally took me out. But I handled it all.  Learned a lot.  And it has made me even more ready to tackle 2013.

Some people are constantly looking & searching for the next best thing.  They want each year to be bigger and better.  I, however, just strive for a good year, with good health, and good friends.  I feel lucky to be out there just slugging out the miles with everyone else, regardless of pace or distance.  I am thankful for the time.  I am thankful for the ability.  I am thankful for the experience which just allows me to appreciate my desire to keep running after all this time.  I’m not settling.  I’m just thankful.

** Give Thanks For Your Blessings ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **