Hickory Creek Revisited…..

Since my running was non-existent this summer, I didn’t spend much time at Hickory Creek like I normally would.  During an injury free normal summer, I’d cruise those hills of the West Branch a couple times a month and then by fall be running them as if the area were flat.  Not the case this year.  Here is the map of the West Branch.

image It’s a very easy trail to follow.  Just stay on the main trail, which is paved.  There is only one spot where you have a choice and it won’t look like much of a choice.  You can continue on the trail, or take a side shoot into a subdivision, which can take you to the East Branch.  Stay on the trail.

Full Hickory Creek Preserve Map:


I must say, this week, those hills felt like mountains!  For those new to the area, the Hickory Creek Junction also connects directly to Old Plank Trail.  It is in Will County and the West Branch has 2 entrances with parking.  One entrance is on Lincoln Highway (Route 30) just west of Wolf Road and the second is on Schoolhouse Road, just north of Route 30.  This trail is in the Frankfort/New Lenox, IL area.  If you run the trail both ways from trailhead to trailhead, it will be approximately 5.6 miles (2.8 miles each way).  Nice run, beautiful scenery, 2 bridges, plus bathrooms and water at each end.

I was a bit surprised this week that the fall colors are starting to pop.  Here are a few photos to show the colors and the falling leaves.   (I have taken a billion lot of photos of this area in the past, if interested, search the blog for Hickory Creek for more info & photos). 

Hickory Creek4_10-1-12

Hickory Creek2_10-1-12

Hickory Creek_bridge_10-1-12

Hickory Creek_10-1-12

Hickory Creek3_10-1-12

Beautiful run!   Pop over to your favorite trail this weekend and you too may notice a lot of changes as we transition from summer to fall!  And if you pick Hickory Creek, maybe I’ll see you there!

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com