CrossFit …. Day 2 …. FGB

Apparently every day at CrossFit will require me to google acronyms and try to figure out what the heck we are actually doing.  This morning’s 5am workout was the “FGB” workout.  Apparently that stands for “Fight Gone Bad”.   Ummm, okay.  I thought sure I’d be the only one that showed up but no, I had 15 other friends who were just dying to KILL the FGB WOD (workout of the day).

FGB – Fight Gone Bad

(3x) – 5 minute rounds  – 1 minute per station/5 stations, then 1 minute rest after completion  of all the stations in succession  = 17 minutes total

1)  Jump Lunges – Grab some coordination real quick if you are clumsy like me cuz your gonna need it.  Think walking lunge except there is no walking but rather jumping and changing feet in the air to get into the next lunge position.  I think I did 4 before the tears appeared and my quads started shaking.  Maybe 3.  Not sure but the good news is that once I got into a rhythm, it was easier, and faster.  Success.


2)   Kettlebell Sumo High Pull – Took me a “minute” to get this right.  My damaged hips/back/hamstrings took a beating here and I subconsciously wanted to cheat and not go down into squat to grab the kettlebell.  Photo source:  Google Images

KB Sumo High Pull_squat   KB Sumo High Pull

3)  Box Jumps – We got to use the small box today.  Yay for being a newbie!!!!  And yes, we’d totally steal the short box from that kid.  Photo source.

box jump

4)  Abmat Situps – Sit-ups with a device which supported the arch of the back.  I heard sit-ups and thought the doc would be mad at me but the support ensured that I didn’t hurt my back.  Image #2 from

abmat     abmat_stick figure

5)  Burpees – HA!  Apparently, I’m not very good at burpees yet.  This was by far my weakest station.  Here is a diagram below which I got from yakkaFIT HERE.


6)  REST – 1 minute – Cough up your numbers & repeat.

After each session were recorded our numbers, how many reps we did total.  So if we did 10 of each exercise while occupying that station for one minute, we would have had 50 reps.  Not sure if that’s the proper term but we were basically counting each thing we did and compiling a number as we went.

Round #1 – 97, Round #2 –  113, Round #3 – 116, Total = 326

No idea if that was good or bad in the grand scheme of things but I want to record it for comparison going forward.  I’d like to think that I’ll get better, faster, stronger.  My burpees were almost non-existent, so that was a wasted station for me.  I did much better in the other areas, and much better after I got a rhythm and an idea of how to do each activity.

Another fun, Fun, FUN workout.  Loved it and look forward to going back next week but for now, I’m going off grid to swim, bike & run.  Don’t forget about my giveaway for the Chicago Half Marathon cuz I’ll be drawing Monday morning!

** Let’s Get Strong!!  ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **