I Refuse To Let The Grass Grow….

Ever heard anyone say, “Don’t let the grass grow under your feet”?  That’s exactly what a lot of people do when they become injured; however, it’s not my nature.  I’m “kinda” wired and I need to keep moving for the most part.  I’m very fortunate in that my injury still allows me to bike and swim.    So I bike and swim.  And bike and swim.

I have a little injury bike station set up.  I am not strong enough to ride outside at this point.  If I fall, particularly being clipped into my pedals, then my partial tear could become complete and who knows how much time off that would require.  So I’ll ride on the trainer until I feel comfortable and strong enough to take it outdoors. 

bike injury station

It’s actually kinda comfy.  I set it up facing the big screen tv, have a table for my water bottle, remotes, phone, etc.   I rode 10 miles yesterday morning at a slow pace since I wasn’t quite comfortable and my foot was a little achy.  Then today I went 30 miles, was feeling decent and was definitely faster.  Riding on the trainer is not the same as being outdoors but it’s good for now.  And safe.  And boring, like the dreadmill, thank goodness for the tv.


I also swam 1.2 miles this morning in the pool with Susan D.  She didn’t kick me.  She didn’t spit water in my face.  And she didn’t churn up so much water that I was scared.  Thanks Susan for being such a kind lane partner.  🙂  You’re definitely one of my favorites especially after you basically carried me back to my car last week when my ligament popped.  Thanks for that too!

My swim was much faster this morning (49 minutes vs 56).  No, I didn’t miscount.  No I didn’t cheat.  No Susan didn’t swim half of my 88 laps.  The difference? I didn’t feel like I was going to drown?   Firstly, my awesome friend, IronWOman Mel, told me last week that since my goggles keep fogging being that my antifog is 8 years old I should try using Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo.  Really?  Anyone tried this?  Since I literally stop a good 20-25 times while I swim to wipe the fog from my goggles, I decided to try it.  Damn, it worked too.  I rubbed a little undiluted J&J baby shampoo on my goggle lenses last night, rinsed, let air dry and today, I had exactly one fogging incident and that was my fault cuz I didn’t dip my goggles in the water before I started swimming.  Wow.  Best tip I’ve  had in a long time.  Thanks, Mel!

Secondly, I tried to focus on my kick the last 25ish laps.  I normally don’t kick at all much in the pool.  However, when I TRI, I start kicking as I come around the last buoy and can see the beach.  So I spend about a 1/3 of the swim with a solid kick (depending on how the buoys are set) and that kick makes a difference.  I don’t like to kick at the start, I just focus on being relaxed and enjoying the calm before the storm but when I come around the last buoy its game on and I’m ready to ride.  So today, I tried to focus on kicking in the last portion of my swim.  It’s GAME ON, bitches.   I’m so ready to TRI, it hurts.  I may be out of a few races but I refuse to end this season without a TRI or two in the books.  And watch out cuz, I’m gonna be lean and mean from my time off.  It’s not gonna be for fun……it’s gonna count and if i feel like this on day 6 of rehab, it’s gonna be scary when I come back after 12 weeks.  11 weeks and 1 day left.  #MakeItCount

** Happy Running & TRIing ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com