Halloween, What’s the Plan?

Each year, Halloween makes fit mom’s cringe.  Not just because of the sugar our children will ingest and the subsequent bouncing off the walls and possible vomiting that may ensue, but also because of the temptation that it brings into our home.  We don’t buy candy for a reason and it doesn’t have much to do with our crazy kids.  It’s hard to resist.  We love it just as much as they do, maybe more.


In order to not sabotage every workout that you’ve done this week, I suggest having a game plan going into the big day.  Yes, you can eat SOME candy but don’t eat it all.  My kids do not like Almond Joys.  So every house that they go to where they get one, they immediately come back to me and hand it over.  I promise to not stuff that Almond Joy in my face as soon as it’s within my grasp. 

Do you Have Choc

I’m going to have a plan.  I’m also going to hope that it’s cold and miserable so that we go to fewer houses and bring home fewer goodies. 

The plan:

  • Eat real food before heading out to trick or treat.  Even if it’s just some turkey slices & carrot sticks, I’ll not be heading out when I’m hungry.
  • I’ll take a bottle of water or coffee to carry with me while we are out.  Then I’ll have something to keep me distracted and hopefully keep my tummy full.
  • I will not eat every Almond Joy the children receive.  Pinky Promise.  Limiting myself to 2-3 items this year.  And those would be the “mini” bars, not the big boys.
  • I’ll attempt to limit the number of houses that we visit without limiting the fun.
  • I’ll encourage the children to trade their unwanted candy with their cousin before we head home so that we don’t have a bunch of “unwanted” candy laying around after the holiday.
  • If there is a lot of candy, I usually bag some up and take it to work for my co-workers so I get it out of the house.  However, now that the kids are getting older & wiser, that isn’t so much of an option but it might be for you.  Do it, if you can get away with it!
  • I’ll make sure I get in a workout pre-Trick or Treating and the morning after.  I can’t out exercise a bad diet but I can work off a few Almond Joys, IF I focus and keep control.

abs-are-made-in-the-kitchen  eat like crap  Cant Out-Exercise

Lastly, I want to leave you with these graphics.  I think it’s important to know exactly what you have to do to work off your favorite candy.  It’s a real eye opener to see the calorie counts of some of those minis. 

You Ate It     Candy Cals

It’s okay to treat yourself but NO mindless eating.  It will do more harm than you think.  Keep it together.  Stick to the plan.  You can do this!! 

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** Stick to the Plan ** Amanda – TooTallFritz