Race Mentality

After the varying critiques on the Monster Dash, I have been thinking a lot about Race Mentality.   Some people race for fun or to go with their friends, they like a big party and crowds to propel them forward, while others race for time or as a measure of their fitness.  Think for one moment about the types of races on which you choose to spend your $$, and ultimately why you register.

For me, I like to race alot.  I like to run fast.  I always want to run faster and am frequently disappointed readjusting my goals to a faster pace than I can possibly run my fitness will allow.  The race is a reward for every time I haul my butt out of bed in the middle of the night early morning so that I can get a run in without disrupting the family (too much).  Race day is the day that is all about me.  I don’t need a crowd, or a partner standing beside me at the start line.  In fact, I would prefer not to have a partner/friend at the start unless we have the “run your own race” agreement.  If you’ve been racing with me over the years, you’ve heard me say it, particularly if you were once a newbie……. Run your own race.  You probably think I am a total bitch  really competitive but that isn’t the case.  My only competition is me because I’ll never be fast enough to win.  And I just want to encourage you to run THIS race for you, to compete against yourself for your own personal reasons and at your pace.  Please don’t wait for somebody else unless you specifically registered with the intent to be a pacer/helper.  Don’t hold back because it is comfortable, will hurt less or because you’re scared.  Push your limits.

Running fast takes big balls guts.  Put in your miles first so you have a good base and then go out there and run your heart out.  Be prepared, be focused and be confident that you can run faster than is really possible did the work to reach your goal.  If all else fails, put your name/website on your shirt so you will be ACCOUNTABLE for your race. 

And probably the best tip I can give is DON’T follow me.  I run off the start like somebody is going to pay me $$ for a good first mile performance……and then I crash and burn in the middle miles, then put in a half-assed attempt to pull it together at the end.  I’m not good at this, just overconfident hoping that today is going to be the day that I can “hang on” and pull out a good race.  This might be the day, you never know………

I’d like to thank Bob H. at RaceExpressions.com for getting this shirt together for me on the fly….so that I can be accountable and so that you might spot me and kick me in the ass encourage me thru the middle miles.   If you see me, YELL!  This is actually the third shirt RaceExpressions has created for me, using designs I have sent to them.  Great local company who really goes the extra mile to help out their customers.  Now, let’s just hope I can squeeze myself into it cuz it’s a “little” tighter than I would like snug .  Of course, now that the weather appears to be pretty cool, who knows if I will actually get to use it.

What is your Race Mentality?  Do you race for fun, to get good photos or have a good story to tell?  Do you do it for your friends?  Or do you run balls out hard like me and just try to hang on for as long as possible?

Happy Running!  Be proud that you are out there getting it done, regardless of what motivated you to do it in the first place, and know that I too am proud of you!

Amanda – TooTallFritz