Running a Race For Fun ….

I always run for fun.  I like to run.  I like to race.  However, I normally take races a bit more seriously than a normal, everyday jaunt on the trail.  The idea of a race, is like a test, we showcase what we know, what we’ve learned and how far we’ve come.  Or at least that’s the plan. 

This weekend is the First Midwest Half Marathon, in Palos Heights, IL. 


This is one of my favorite local races, one that I can drive to within 30 minutes, park for free, walk to the start line, talk with my friends and then leisurely walk back to my car when I’m ready to leave.  It’s frequently a goal race because it’s a straight out and back course with only one turn. It’s mostly flat.   Runner traffic is very manageable.  There are enough aid stations but not too many to ruin my tummy.  Oh, and our local run store, Running For Kicks, puts on the race so its top notch.  A race designed by runners for runners. 


However this year, I’m not on my game at all.  I’ve gone to this race less prepared only a few times.  On my good days, when I’m trained up, this “easy” course, that I love, chews me up and spits me out.  I’m not sure why but no matter my fitness level, I’ve never raced well here, possibly because I just don’t race well.  So this year as I take an honest look at both my fitness level and my energy level, as I recover from whatever bug tried to kill me over the last week, I’ve decided to just let go.  Let go of the “I’m racing” concept and just go run for fun.  Not look at my watch.  Not worry about my actual pace verses my desired pace.  Not be disappointed. 

Because the bottom line is that as long as I’m able, I’ll run and support this race for fun.  For the love of the run.  For the love of the event.  For the love of the running store putting on the race.  For the love of my friends, acquaintances and F’N Runners who will be there both running and cheering. 

So, let’s do this, for the love of it!

** Running AND Racing for Fun ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **