Chasing Deadlines…..

While Adele may be busy Chasing Pavements, I’m busy chasing deadlines.  Not much “free” time on my docket today but I wanted to leave you with a few thoughts.  Actually one thought.  Be nice.  Be nice to others.  Smile.  Encourage others.  Go the extra mile to just be a good person.  Keep the meanness in check.

Be Nice

Its impossible to know what is going on in the life the the stranger you have never met.  That person who cuts you off my be racing home to their sick child.  The person who is grumpy and nasty may be over worked by a crazy boss who never says thank you.  The angry man may be miserable inside and projecting onto the rest of the world.  The spazzed out women may be trying to figure out how to feed her kids tonight.

Know that sometimes your kind word (or two) maybe be the only kindness they will receive today.  Or this week.   Or this month.

Be nice to others.  It’s worth it.

** Amanda – TooTallFritz **