Respect The Distance ….

With the popularity of the internet, social media and blog-o-mania, it is easier than ever to “see” what people are doing, what challenges they are currently tackling and discover events which we previously didn’t even know existed.  This can be both exciting and inspirational to many but I fear that for some, it leaves them feeling sad, empty, guilty and possibly like they aren’t doing enough. 

I think it’s important in my life, to constantly take a step back and look at my activities.  Am I pushing my limits?  Am I pushing within reason?  Am I physically cable of achieving my goals as they sit now, with the current amount of time that I have for workouts, with the current family schedule, with my current workload and commute?  If I’m honest, I always know the answer and this is why I have limits.  Personal limits.  I respect each and every distance that I tackle from the 5K up.  I also respect the choices that others make as to what distance can work for them.  Any goal one chooses to tackle WILL be hard, if they push.  I’m am constantly in awe of the difficulty of the 5K distance.  It is really hard  for me to “try” to run fast.  It is hard to stay in it and keep pushing when the body is ready to back down.  I made a shirt a few years back (logo below) to remind myself that if I’m pushing, EACH and EVERY distance I tackle is hard and deserves respect.  I don’t consider any distance to be insignificant.


I frequently get angry irritated when I hear someone say “just a 5K” or just a “half marathon”.  Statements like those are arrogant and have no place in a fitness environment.  Fitness is empowering, makes people feel good, helps people improve their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.  Most of us run races to test ourselves at our distance of choice.  Sometimes, we participate for fun and fitness without any intent to push our limits.  Whatever our reason, the choice is personal and we need to respect one another and their choice of distance.  One is not a better athlete because they tackle a longer distance, they are just a different type of athlete.  Endurance means a different thing for each and every person.  In fact, I know plenty 5K specialists who have daily workout routines which I could never endure.  I respect that.  So please, if you want to tackle a 5K or color run or mud run or charity walk or sprint triathlon, don’t feel as if it’s insignificant compared to the goals of another because that is not the case.  Respect the distance.  Put in the training.  Go out and reap the reward of the race/event regardless of how long it will take to complete. 

Don’t let what any other person has done distract you or lessen your will to achieve your goals.  Don’t feel as if the achievement of another makes your achievement insignificant.  We develop our own goals for our own personal reasons.  Chase YOUR dream at whatever distance you can manage.   And please, always remember to respect the distance, yours and everyone else’s.

No limit to Distance To chase your dreams

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