Changing Things Up…..

Yesterday, I went out to grab a salad at lunch and just couldn’t force myself to go back inside.  It was a beautiful day in Chicago and I couldn’t remember the last time, I had been out just wandering around the city.  I was longing for my running shoes so I could cover more ground faster! 

Being downtown on a daily basis, I tend to be constantly rushing around, back and forth to the train or my car, or running errands for work.  I rarely even leave the building for lunch so yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see some small changes like new store fronts and brightly painted sidewalks which had not been present in the spring.   Yes, the spring.  That was the last time, I was out running and/or wandering during lunch.  I remember specifically going out for that springtime lunch run so I could see the spring colors (March 27, 2012) and I haven’t been back out for fun or running since.  Kinda sad.

Millenium Park__3-27-12

Yesterday, I spent some time on Michigan Avenue around the Art Museum. 

Art Institute_8-22-12

And strolled thru the Art Museum Gardens:

Art Institute Gardens_8-22-12

I also was pleasantly surprised to see an increase in healthy lunch options and stopped into Kramer’s Health Foods on Wabash for a Supreme Veggie Salad and Faux Chicken Salad.  Really tasty, I’ll definitely go back! 

Today will be another beautiful day in the city and I plan to change things up from the norm and head out to “see what I can see”.  I hope you get a moment today to stop and enjoy the day.   I think we work too hard, are too busy in general and miss a lot of the beauty around us.  I’m going to get out and enjoy some of that beauty and I wish the same for you.

Do you ever have the opportunity to break up your work day by relaxing in a beautiful park or strolling around town?

** Enjoy the Beauty ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **