RunKeeper App

Since apparently I was really stupid blonde yesterday and left my running watch plugged into my work computer, I thought today would be a perfect day since I had no other choice to try out the RunKeeper App, which I had previously downloaded to my phone.

This is the app that I always recommend to those who are afraid to get OCD about running do not have a gps watch.  The app is FREE, which is my favorite part, plus it will download to all “app running” smart phones, not just the iPhone.    I had heard that this thing is a real battery killer but at 4am my phone usually has a full charge and is ready to go so I was hoping I could get a short run out of it for testing purposes. 

As most of you know by now, I frequently run in the dark, alone, on my very desolate, coyote ran roads.  Therefore, I rarely use an iPod due to safety issues.  This RunKeeper App is like the partner I’ve never had!  It talks to me and pretends to be my friend, just like the gps in my car……LOVE!   Although her voice wasn’t as snotty affluent sounding as Eve (my car gps), I was still pleased and will soon be thinking of a name for my new electronic partner……what do you think about Viki……like from Will Smith‘s I, Robot movie?   She, Viki(?), started me off with a very nice “Activity Started” type command/comment.  Then continued to update my progress periodically with distance/time/pace stats starting around the 0.4 mile mark.  

Overall, I was very pleased.  My favorite part by far was the audible/talking stats.  It was very helpful since it was dark and Viki kept spouting out my distance/pace.  When I run in the dark I have the tendency to be terrified run slower since vision, roads, wild animals, etc. are an issue.  I also don’t check my watch much because I am focused on the immediate dangers task at hand.  So it was nice to know my progression, or lack there of, even though I wasn’t actively seeking the information.  Since this run was short, the app didn’t affect my fully charged battery at all.  I also ran a known distance to verify the accuracy of the gps and was happy with that.  I will also note that it worked seamlessly from my spi-belt, I didn’t touch it at all except to start and stop the application.

Additional facts:  syncs with Garmin, info recorded on your phone plus an online account (no manual upload necessary), records gps route, pace/distance stats, plus an elevation chart.  Good stuff and it’s free, which is even better.  So if you are too cheap  relaxed to buy a gps watch, here is your product.  Not sure how much luck you will have with a 20 miler in the woods but hey, you get what you pay for sometimes its good to go unplugged.  

4.09 miles – 38:33 – stepped off the road 2x for cars, major fumbling getting the mammoth droid in and out of the spi-belt.

“Run”way Fashion – Capri pants from Athleta and a Mizuno Renegade Top with reflective accents for added visibility.  I rarely buy anything that doesn’t have multiple reflective logos/accents.   Be safe & smart!

Happy Running,                                                                                                                   Amanda – TooTallFritz