9 Days til Ragnar Chicago – 9 Things Ragnar Chicago

We are officially 9 days out from the start of the Ragnar Relays 2012 Chicago edition!

Ragnar - I Ragnar 

So today’s focus will be on 9 things Ragnar “Chicago Style”!

  1. The Chicago Edition of the Ragnar Relays includes 198.3 miles of run fun which travels  the Midwest from Madison, WI to Montrose Beach in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. ragnar-map2
  2. Each team participating will have either 6 or 12 participants.  The 6 person team is considered crazy an ultra team,  meaning that each member will be running more than the 26.2 distance over the course of the event. Here is my crazy ultra team – You Just Got Chicked.   We are Team #85 and we start our fun run at 7:30 am on Friday, June 8th.ragnar_ladies_tree
  3. The race will blow thru 3 college towns:  Madison, WI  (University Wisconsin – Madison),  Evanston, IL (Northwestern University) and lastly Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood for a view of the Loyola campus and a run down the beautifully shaded Sheridan Road.
  4. The course will include two big name trails:  The Glacial Drumlin Trail and the Oak Leaf Trail.  The Glacial Drumlin Trail is 52 miles in length and considered to be one of Wisconsin’s best bicycle trails.  It is an abandoned rail trail, which always means flat and fast if you are looking for speed.  Expect to pay a fee for a day pass to enjoy this gem. DSCN4514-Glacial_Drumlin_TrailThe Oak Leaf Trail is free and consists of a network of trails surrounding the Milwaukee area.  This trail is also a rail trail of 108 miles in length.  Of those 108 miles, the trail boosts over a quarter of its mileage along the shores of Lake Michigan!                                                                                                                  Oak Leaf Trail                  Oak Leaf Trail 2
  5. Those of us familiar with relays are probably going back to our school days and thinking about passing the baton.  No, we do not need to carry a baton for 200 miles.  Each team will be issued a slap bracelet which we will transfer to each new runner.  Photo source:  Team – My Big Fat Ragnar Wedding, Ragnar Napa Valley.  See recap HERE.                           ragnar-bracelet 
  6. Each team will travel in 1 or 2 vans to get runners to/from exchange points.  We will have 1 van for our 6 lovely chicks.  Hmmmmm, how to decorate the van to suit our team/personalities?
  7. Each team may, or may not, have a driver to navigate the course.  I believe as of last week, our runners serve as the athletes, drivers and spotters/navigators.  I think the navigation scares me more than the running and driving.  🙂
  8. Short of injury or illness, we must keep the same rotation of runners.  I’m “Chick 3” and will be running the legs for runner #3 and runner #9.  The legs include:  #3 (2.7 miles – easy), #9 (8.2 miles – very hard ……gee, I hope it’s dark too), #15 (5.3 miles – moderate), #21 (5.3 miles – moderate), #27 (5.6 miles – hard), #33 (4.8 miles – moderate).  Total  for Chick 3 = 32.1 miles and I’m dedicated to an 8:30 pace.
  9. Our race starts at 7:30 am on Friday, June 8th and if we maintain pace, then we will be finished and sipping beer on Montrose Beach approximately 30.25 hours later, which is 1:45pm on Saturday, June 9th.  Look for us, we’ll be there .                                              Montrose Beach

Have you ran any relay races?  Any tips for us? 

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com