Your Pace or Mine?

It’s hard not to get all caught up in the numbers.  How fast?  How far?  How many? How much?  We let the numbers rule our life.  We do live in a society where numbers and time play a crucial role. 


However, what a particular number means for one will most definitely mean something entirely different to another.  I see this all the time, one person unhappy with a time, or pace, that someone else would love to call their own.  Another who is running a race that’s “only a 5K” while someone standing beside them has trained for months on the C25K program and is terrified of the distance. 

Numbers are relative to the individual.

I encourage you, every once in awhile, to let go of the numbers.  Maybe even leave your watch at home.  Run “naked” (without technology) for the pure joy of it.  Maybe pace a friend to a new PR, or spend time chatting everyone up at a group run rather than just racing ahead to nail a tempo or training run.  I think you’ll find that spending a little time unplugged, running for the fun of it, or possibly helping out a friend will be just as rewarding as nailing your own run/race.

There is a time and pace for everyone.    We may differ in our abilities but the smile we have when we accomplish a new goal or cross the finish line is the same.  We are runners.  Run united, if only for a little bit cuz sometimes, pace really doesn’t matter.

** Don’t Let the Numbers Ruin YOUR Day  ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **