More Social Media…..Twitter

I have been avoiding Twitter and Pinterest certain social media outlets like the plague; however, I have been slowly coming around to the idea of Twitter.

First, I know that there are a lot of people on Twitter who do not use Facebook although I’m not sure why.  Secondly, I know it will be better to update things moment by moment as if you care on Twitter versus Facebook.  Thirdly, I was “concerned”  I was missing out.

Even though I had valid reasons for jumping on the bandwagon joining Twitter, I still didn’t sign up but rather put it on the “To Do” list pretty far from the top.  However, last week The Wannabe Athlete posted Twitter Tips:  Getting Started and I thought, “okay, this is the time….do it now”, but I didn’t.  Then tonight when I was on the website for the Southwest Half Marathon (aka:  Palos Half) checking the start time of the race, I saw a follow us on twitter button.

Basically, it came down to the fact that I want to tweet about the race so I opened an account.  Now I’m not sure how to use the damn hashtags in order to get it started.  Somebody please send me another tutorial!  And while you are figuring out what to tell me about Twitter, please go and follow me @tootallfritz!

How many social media avenues do you use?  Which is your favorite?  How do I start tweeting about the Southwest Half Marathon?   If you are interested, they are @SW_HalfMarathon.

Happy “Following”,                                                                                                            Amanda – TooTallFritz