I got up this morning planning to hit the road for a run but my little man was only minutes behind me.  I didn’t even have my running clothes on toothpaste on the toothbrush before he was screaming my name.  As I calmed him down and laid back down, I was hoping he would fall back asleep fast and leave me enough time to still grab a few miles before work.  But realistically, I knew that wouldn’t happen and I quickly crafted Plan B.  Lunch Run.   I even started looking forward to the thought of running the lakefront at lunch.  Well, I’ve anticipated the lunch run all day and now am staring down the reality that it just won’t be happening.  Plan C anyone?

Here are a few of the sites I anticipated seeing on this glorious 70 degree day in the CHI.  Now you too can anticipate your next run by the lake!

First glimpse of the Planetarium from the path beneath the Shedd Aquarium.Lakefront_planetarium_8-29-12




Leaving the tunnel under Museum Drive heading south:

Lakefront_out of tunnel_8-29-12

Do you ever have to optimize Plan C after anticipating both Plan A and Plan B and then just not being able to make those happen?

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **