Week 1 Recap – Spring Bootie Buster Challenge

Shortly after the close of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge by Amanda at RunToTheFinish, I joined on for the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.  For fun.  For accountability.


The challenge started last Monday, March 4th.  If you want in, I believe she is still accepting registrations HERE.  The rules are simple.  Eat your fruits & veggies (AKA – “freggies” – 7 to 9 servings per day), Drink your water (64 oz per day), and move your body in some way shape or form. We get one point for the freggies, one for the water and 1 point for every 10 minutes of exercise, which is why you have seen entries for stretching & pushups on DailyMile so that nobody can call me a cheater.

So how did my week stack up?  Even though it was a light run week because I was gone for the weekend thru Monday, I did okay.  We’ll just start with Tuesday since I don’t think spiced jelly beans count as a “freggie” was traveling. 

Freggie Examples, each item = 1 point:


  • TUE – 10 freggies, 100 oz H2O, 36 minute run, 10 minutes pushups/stretching & 10 minutes of snow shoveling.  Points = 7.6
  • WED – 10 freggies, 80 oz H2O, 39 min run (a.m. – treadmill), 10 minutes pushups/stretching & 42 minute run ( p.m. – trail).  Points = 12.1
  • THUR – 11 Freggies, 80 oz H2O, & 10 minutes pushups/stretching.  Points = 3
  • FRI – 9 freggies, 88 oz H2O, 37 minute run, & 10 minutes pushups/stretching.  Points = 6.7
  • SAT – Sick – 5 freggies (no points), 48 oz H2O (no points), no workouts (no points).
  • SUN – 10 freggies, 72 oz H2O, & 146 minute run.  Points = 16.6

This gives me a March 4th weekly total of 46 points.  I certainly won’t win anything with this number but I like the idea of keeping on track, forcing down the freggies, and chugging the water.  I’m not sure if I’ll recap every week but I wanted to give you an idea of what some of us are doing to “bust” our booties for spring.  Feel free to register now, if you haven’t already, or play along on your own if you like! 

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