A Few Lessons….

Last week, I learned a few new things.  I may be an “old” dog but I’m always up for new tips or lessons!

1)  No matter how new your swim cap may be, always have a spare in your swim bag.  Swim caps rip.  They are not made of a special material which will last forever.   They do not care that you hold a sentimental attachment to them because you just recently finished their event.  Swim caps rip.

swim cap_ripped 2)  While swimming, your sinuses will discharge.  If you want to avoid constantly wiping snot off your face while you swim, maybe use a nasal rinse before getting into the pool  We will all thank you for your extra effort.  nasal saline As an added benefit, this will help with your allergies and flush any germs from your nasal passages that may help you avert the sniffles.

3)  Read reviews of products you own.  No matter how well you think you know your gps watch product, somebody might know something you don’t know.  Last week, I learned that my Nike+ Sportwatch GPS was waterproof up to 50 meters.  Hmmmm, news to me!  This was actually the only complaint I had about my watch, the fact that I couldn’t swim in it.  Well, I was wrong, I CAN swim in it and I did so last week.  Watch still works perfectly!

Watch_water 4)  If you take your bike out and it’s loose, dropping screws and you feel generally unsafe, pack it up and go home.  Things will not end well. 

Me_bike fall 5)  Along the same lines, if your bike isn’t handling well, it drops a water bottle on you because your cage is loose & you just hit a monstrous bump, maybe unclip BOTH feet before rolling down a concrete dip to retrieve the dropped bottle.  Once again, things “may”  not end well.  See above photo.

6)  If you haul your kids out of bed before dawn to go run 1 mile with the F’N Running Club, make sure you don’t look like you are going to run just 1 MILE.  Own that mile in celebration of a new beginning as we kick injury to the curb, albeit very slowly.  🙂  

Me&Michael_Stars & Stripes Yes, I did go to the grocery store like this afterwards!

“Run”Way Fashion:  2011 Chicago Marathon swag shirt, RunningSkirts.com stars & stripes triathlon skirt, Zensah Compression Sleeves in Stars & Stripes.  This is the first time I’ve tried the Zensah brand of compression.  I must admit, my love for the stars & stripes pulled me in and I fell instantly in love with the look and feel.  I wore the compression sleeves for a short run (1.6 miles), a .5 walk/run with the kiddos, play time on the playground and then hit the grocery, so probably for 4 hours total.  Yes, people stared at me in the grocery.  If you don’t want people to stare when you wear workout gear in public, maybe go with something less amazing a bit more traditional.

So far, I really like the sleeves, not too tight, not too hot, not too boring.  Just right.  I’ll definitely be wearing these a lot more as I begin to rebuild my mileage.

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