ShowerPill Giveaway Winner!!!

The winner of the box of ShowerPill athletic wipes is #18 – BetyBliss!


According to Betty’s comment, she is a fellow Ragnarian so hopefully she will #StayFresh for her teammates!


Betty, please contact me at: and send your mailing address for the ShowerPill wipes!

For the rest of us, there is a 20% off discount code:  STAYFRSH  which we can use to purchase ShowerPill wipes at Amazon HERE ($9.99 each).  I really love these things and encourage you to try them.  I buy them for my gym bag, my running bag and use them at least once per week after my lunchtime runs.  I really love these things!

** Stay Fresh ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

ShowerPill Review & Giveaway….

Ragnar – Floridia Keys is 15 days away and I’m already thinking about my packing list.  Fortunately, ShowerPill is one of our sponsors and is supplying us with ShowerPill wipes for each van so that will be a major help in the hygiene department.

ShowerPill™ – A new state of freshness

Not a pill, not a shower and definitely not a baby wipe…

It’s the hygiene supplement to maintain your freshness while you lead an active, busy lifestyle.


One of the “interesting” things about a relay race which goes on for days, is that showering is non-existent sporadic.  Added to the lack of showering, is the fact that you are cooped up in a van with 5 other people, who are also in desperate need of a shower.  All of whom have ran in the 80 degree Florida heat, for many miles, for multiple legs.  Everyone stinks.  It’s disgusting. 

I was first introduced to the ShowerPill wipes when they sponsored our ultra team for Ragnar Chicago (2012).   Although, I didn’t actually get to run due to my torn tendon, I did score a couple of the wipes.  I wanted to try them but I must admit, I was leary.  I never believe that things work like they are advertised because let’s be honest, advertisements sometimes embellish the facts to get us to spend our hard earned $ on something that we just don’t need.  Although, I liked the idea of a “shower” in wipe form; I didn’t necessarily know if I  “needed” it. 

ShowerPill_packageI had a couple of the body wipes in my running bag, in my car.  I didn’t try them.  Then I was out of town, at the Ironman 70.3 Muncie event, standing outside my car smelling worse than I had ever smelled after a race and I was dreading the 4.5 hour drive home.  The temps that day were in the 90s, so hot that our race was abbreviated.  I couldn’t even run b/c my foot was still rehabbing but I still smelled BAD after just the swim & bike.  Plus the water was so dirty that I had weeds & muck inside my tri kit.  So nasty.  I grabbed a ShowerPill wipe and hoped for the best.  As I ripped open the pouch, a nice aroma hit my nose.  The wipe was a nice size and very wet, a few drops even dripped from a corner.  I washed up with it, locked my dirty clothes in the trunk and got in the driver seat.  I was in absolute amazement that I not only “didn’t smell bad” but that I actually smelled good!  I was sold right then and there in a grassy parking area in Muncie, IN after using the product one time.  (IM 70.3 Muncie photos below)

 image   image

Since that day, I’ve used the ShowerPill wipes a lot.  I bought a couple boxes on Amazon and they are now my go to product when I need to “freshen up” after a run or race. I also frequently run on my lunch hour at work.  Everyone always asks me if I sweat, if I stink, if I shower.  Yes, I sweat & stink but there is no time for showering!  Pre-ShowerPill, I used either baby wipes, or the Say Yes to Cucumber wipes, for cleaning up.  That worked, if they weren’t dried out.  If I remembered them.  If I wasn’t too nasty.  Now with ShowerPill, I only need one wipe, plus I don’t need to carry an entire package of wipes that may or may not be dried out when I need them.  And I feel clean and fresh when I go back to work.  One wipe, that’s all I need.


I think ShowerPill was invented specifically for people like me.  People on the “run”.  Busy mom’s who run directly from a workout to pick up the kiddos at school.  People who have to squeeze a workout into the middle of their work day.  People who travel to/from racing events and don’t always have the option of showering off after a major endurance adventure.  Relay runners who will spend days in a van with stinky teammates.  Regardless of how hectic your life, ShowerPill wants me & YOU to #StayFresh.

ShowerPill™ The Athletic Body Wipe™

  • Premium, 9×8 inch, thick and durable wipe that is individually packaged for true on-the-go versatility
  • Put it in your gym bag, purse, pocket or backpack
  • Proven to kill germs1 yet safe on sensitive skin and infused with moisturizing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • Quick dry solution, does not require rinsing or extra dry time
  • Light fresh scent is not overpowering or “perfume-like”

ShowerPill™, it’s the Athletic Body Wipe™.

ShowerPill is giving away one box of athletic body wipes to a lucky reader.  If you would like the opportunity to win a box, please comment below and tell us in what aspect you would most likely use the wipes.  Since the holiday is fast approaching, the winner will be drawn on Friday (December 21st) at 9am.

ShowerPill wipes are available on Amazon HERE for purchase ($9.99 each).  If you would like to grab some for stocking stuffers, or to throw in your gym bag/purse/car then feel free to use the 20% off discount code:  STAYFRSH

Good luck & please #StayFresh for yourself and all of your friends and family!

** Stay Fresh ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **