WINNER of the SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker …..

Lots of excitement about the SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker!  Glad everyone thinks this thing is as cool as me and my family! 


The Punk Wireless Speaker retails for $69.99 at Best Buy HERE and SOL REPUBLIC HERE.  However, one lucky reader will receive it for FREE.  The random number generator selected #8.


#8 is Melissa Madorma!


Melissa, please email me your address so that you can get ahold of this Punk Wireless Speaker ASAP!  Congrats!

If you, like me, can’t get enough SOL REPUBLIC, follow them on social media for the most up to date news on their amazing products. 

I hope your holidays are amazing, filled with love, joy and lots of music!

Amanda  – TooTallFritz



Great responses to the giveaway for the SOL REPUBLIC DECK Speaker!  Don’t worry, I took out Hubby’s comments and won’t let him win so if I’m divorced next week, it will certainly be because of this and NOT because I left him with the kids for 5 day to go off and run the Dopey Challenge

The random number generator selected #58. 


# 58 is Michelle Krause – Michelle, please send your mailing address to and I’ll get your info to the rep so that you can get your new DECK Wireless Speaker ASAP.


As for hubby the rest of you, Best Buy is the #1 retailer for the DECK Wireless Speaker.   Shop online HERE or head to a local retailer and pick one up.   These things are so much fun and they sound great too!  Very portable, which I appreciate when I’m folding laundry in my bedroom or soaking in the tub! 

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SOL REPUBLIC DECK Wireless Speaker Review & Giveaway

The coolest thing arrived on my doorstep on Christmas Eve.  I was able to welcome the SOL REPUBLIC DECK Wireless Speaker into my home! 

Deck_package2  Deck_package

I’ve been looking at wireless speaker options for well over a year but couldn’t decide what I wanted.  I’m NOT a techy person.  I don’t even like to change the batteries in my Knuckle Lights, and that’s the truth.  Hubby does all the computer, tv, music stuff.   Aby handles it when he isn’t home.  I’d rather be running than trying to figure out where to plug in things to make them work.  So there you have it.  I’m not techy.  And I don’t want to be.

So when the DECK arrived I was nervous.  Hubby wasn’t home and I was excited and wanted to try it out immediately.  It needed to charge so that got me off the hook for a bit but it charged quickly and hubby arrived home in the interim.  Once it was charged, things were so simple that even I could handle it!  It hooks up to any Bluetooth ready device and will allow up to 5 different devices to hook up at once (if you want to share!).  I went into the Bluetooth settings on my iPhone and paired the DECK and the phone.  It recognized it immediately.  We then paired Aby’s phone and Hubby’s phone for kicks.  Then the fun really began.  When you are in multiple user mode and have more than one phone connected, anyone can control the music (unless you lock them out).  SOL REPUBLIC has coined the term “Heist Mode” for multiple users and anyone can “heist” the song selection by choosing a song from their Bluetooth ready device.  Each time a heist occurs, the speaker lights up in a different color to signify the user who has made the “heist”.  In the pic below I am heisting in green, Aby was red and hubby was blue. 


We eventually connected the iPad too and it was purple but we have yet to connect a 5th device. 

The DECK is so much fun and we have really enjoyed playing with it and just having something so portable to move around the house.  I’m looking forward to using it in a party setting tomorrow night on New Year’s Eve!  Not everyone in our house has the same music taste so we are always fighting over the music selection.  Always.  And someone, usually multiple someone’s, lose the fight.  No losing the battle anymore, everyone gets to play their favorite songs! 

Thru the DECK we have played, iTunes, CDs, mp3s, Pandora and YouTube.  All of these music options worked well and had great sound.  Kids prefer a YouTube video playing on the iPad with the music blasting on the DECK but I was pretty happy with all the options plus it would never have occurred to me to load a YouTube video to watch & listen to simultaneously.  Never.

If you want the technical info, please read the press release HERE or go to the Best Buy website HERE where the DECK Wireless Speaker retails for $199.  My non-techy self just knows 1)  that it’s easy to use and pair with multiple devices,  2) the Heist Mode is SUPER fun, 3)  there is an outdoor mode that I will love when spring/summer rolls around and we are outside ALL the time, 4)  I can easily carry it around with me from room to room, 5)  It comes in multiple color options, including bright colors in case your kids drop it in the grass or somewhere in the woods, 6) It will pick up phone calls too if  in “individual” mode and playing music from one’s phone, 7)  It comes with plugs and wires for devices which I may want to hook up that aren’t Bluetooth/wireless compatible like I’d ever do that, and lastly, I know that it SOUNDS GOOD.  I’m very picky about my sound.  I won’t even buy a car that has crappy speakers and I don’t want any poor speakers in (or out) of the house.  Music is important to me.  Love this thing!


If you don’t believe my non-techy review, then I guess I’ll let you know that Hubby LOVES the DECK too.  He is obsessed with it and has even been using it when I’m not home.  This really is an amazing family gift!  We love it and if you are in the market for a wireless speaker, this is a good one. 

Do you want to win a DECK Wireless Speaker, $199 retail?  Of course you do!   To be eligible to win, please comment below and tell me how you blast your music now.  Do you have a wireless speaker, if so which brand?  Do you use a stereo or maybe the TV?  What do you do when you are outside?  I certainly hope you haven’t been pulling a massive speaker out of the house like I have for the last 10 years, but if so, it’s okay cuz I can relate.  Smile   Tell me!  Giveaway starts NOW and I will draw one winner on Friday, January 3rd, 2014 at 9am via  a random number generator.  One entry per person. 

I have also seen giveaways for the DECK Wireless Speaker on the SOL REPUBLIC Facebook page.  So if you want extra opportunities to win one of these babies, like them on Facebook HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE.

Good luck! 

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