You’ve Got This!

There are so many awesome races taking place this weekend and I want to wish each and every one of you well!  I know that people normally say:  Good Luck!

Good Luck Running Ladies

However, I want you to know that you don’t need luck because you have done the work and the race is yours to own.  You’ve Got This!!

You've Got This

So think positive thoughts, when the race gets rough, repeat “I’ve Got This”Make it Happen for yourself, for your hard work, for the sense of accomplishment and pride you will feel when you cross the finish line.  Do the best that you can do on the particular day and never have any post race regrets.  Remember, if the weather is less than ideal, you are not alone but have all of your racemates who are dealing with the same exact weather conditions as you. 

You’ve Totally Got This… go put an awesome race in the books!

Where are you racing this weekend?  Tell us so that we can send happy, positive thoughts your way!  I’ll be in Palos at the Southwest Half Marathon on  Sunday.  Look for  me and say, HEY!

Happy Racing,                                                                                                                 Amanda – TooTallFritz