5 Days until Ironman Muncie 70.3 & My First DNF

As we all know, I took some chances this year and entered some big name expensive races which I normally avoid.  Ironically, I won’t be running the Chicago Rock N Roll Half due to the tear in the tendon in my foot and although I plan to participate in Ironman Muncie 70.3 on Saturday, I will have to DNF (Did Not Finish) due to my inability to start/complete the run.

ironman muncie

5 days out from a half iron event, I’ve never felt so unprepared.  My swimming is okay.  I’m not fast but can certainly cover the distance with or without a wetsuit.  Of course, I’d like a cold front to come thru and cool off the Prairie Creek Reservoir so that water temps are wetsuit legal and I can feel fast and free as the wetsuit corrects the imperfections in my form.  But regardless, the swimming will be the easy part on Saturday.

As for the bike, OUCH, it’s gonna hurt.  I knew upon registering for this race back in April that it would be a real push to be in good enough shape to ride the 56 miles well this early in the season.  The way my schedule works out, time to ride is a real luxury.  I have ridden way more miles on the trainer this month than ever before in my life. I’ve ridden outside, maybe 100 miles this year.  OUCH, this is gonna hurt.

bike cartoon_Stuart McMillen Source:  Stuart McMillen

I’m obviously looking at a less than ideal situation.  Since I’m already planning to DNF, and I’m not really ready to kill the 56 miles on the bike, you might ask why I’m even going?  Because I can!  I can cover the 56 miles even if I do shed a few tears.  I can learn from this experience and move forward with more knowledge as a TRI athlete and I’ll be one step closer to being a better cyclist.  I will get to experience the Ironman atmosphere to see if it is one which I want to spend my money on try again.  The $250 race fee is non-refundable so I’m going to go and do what I can do and walk away with the satisfaction that I didn’t give in and quit when I had so many excuses as to why it would have been “ok” to sit this one out.  And really, after I finish the swim & bike on Saturday, I can officially consider myself 33.33% of an Ironman.  Think they have a tat for that?  A pretty design for 57.2?  No, I didn’t complete the 70.3 this time, no I didn’t even consider the 140.6.  Just 57.2 for me!


The 57.2 would forever represent courage to step outside the safety zone.  Courage to do what you can do in any situation.  Courage to push your limits.  Courage to TRI even when you know you could use a few more months of training today may not be your best day.  So I’m heading to Muncie to do what I can do, and on Saturday that will be swimming and biking at the best of the ability I currently possess……..for 57.2 miles of pure hell bliss.

Would you go to a race even if you knew you would need to DNF?  This is certainly a first for me and it just seems strange.

**Keep TRIing! ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com